Tameka Foster Tweets Confirmation of Usher Sex Tape

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Faced with questions and Tweets about her participation in an Usher sex tape, Tameka Foster has responded today with the same basic answer over and over:

I had intercourse with my husband. Shoot me!

"NEWSFLASH!! BREAKING NEWS! GUESS WHAT??!!" Foster wrote this morning. "I have copulated w/my husband! O_O. Why is this news again?? #ConfusedTweet. End of discussion."

Foster, Tameka

The news, of course, is that Foster and Usher copulated... and filmed said copulation... and somehow left the footage on a computer they placed inside a car. That's the story, at least.

Based on the aggressive way in which Tameka is acknowledging the video, many will claim she is the one behind its (inevitable) leak.

"I cant stress over what I cant change," she Tweeted this afternoon. "Hey I was married, happily. So theres a chance that we might…Its silly 'news' 2 me."

But it's still news. And this is the first time anyone has thought about Tameka Foster in years. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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My heart goes out to usher and his wife.It takes a real man to put a side what ever you both have went throw and be a family at this point.Only god know why this happen and no matter what god choose i only hope you call confine in him more then ever


Dam you are one ugly women money can not make you no better


Usher raymond u are a fine ass man u have bussiness about yourself and the bitch u married just wanted to trape you just remenber if u are not happy with ur marriage baby please leave that old ass chick alone u never keep secrets from ur husband she have not realized that yet from all them men she done had babies with. She looks like a man


Usher baby divorce that old ass lady and come get u some young stuff her old ass just want ur money tell that trick to suck ur dick and take care of ur kids with that child support money cause u want be fuckin her old ass no more yeh ur kids are beautiful cause of u ur beauty next time listen to ur mother she knows best and if ur mom didnt like her u knew then u had a serious problem on ur hand i love u baby u dont need her if u want kids i can give u that and as ur wife i would never keep secrets from u.


she ok but usher can do better


This is really a bunch of NONSENSE...As a real fan of Usher's I respect and love him as an artist...Its amazing to me how from day one nobody wanted this union between Usher and Tameka to even be(haters!)...and now that u learn a sex tape exist everybody wants to take a peak! WOW!...REALLY! I guess Usher and Tameka are more relevant than I thought.


And as far as her being bitter, what woman hasn't been at some point in her life? Get out her business and maybe you could find time to create some business of your own! And she will never be his past, she has his kids!


I dont see what the big problem is! They were married, of course they had sex, and if they recorded it, THATS THEIR F*CKING BUSINESS! And to all those speaking bad on Tameka, I see you all as just haters! Yeah her thighs may be big, but she had Usher and you didn't!. And why would you wanna see her thighs in the air unless you're a dike!. And just because she made a sex tape, WITH HER HUSBAND, does not classify her as a whore, please get a Webster! Its easy to make judgement from the outside looking in, but no one really knows the trials and tribulations of their relationship but them! And in any marriage, I doubt if any participant is perfect!


well alot of time when people go thru divorces they become bitter or just havent moved on but maybe her bringing all this up is her way of trying to get usher attention, not a very good way to do it! But i guess she not reaady to move on... Smh


I wish this hooker will leave that boy along,she's the past!!!! A little chubby to,I hope if she release a sex tape of them, it's mostly him, don't nobody want to see those chubby thighs IN THE AIR....