Suri Cruise: What a Twisted Life

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Poor Suri Cruise. Almost five, girl is "suffering the effects" of Tom Cruise's religion, Scientology, according to Katie Holmes' parents and Life & Style.

Scientologists treat kids like adults, "independent individuals capable of making their own decisions," reports the magazine's so-called expert.

For Suri Cruise, that means 1 a.m. dinners, playing with penis-shaped candies and still being allowed to use a pacifier, leaving Katie's folks "really upset."

Suri With Katie

NO BOUNDARIES: That's what Tom and Katie allegedly set for Suri.

"They're very worried that Tom isn't letting Suri enjoy the childhood she deserves because of his Scientology beliefs," says an alleged inside source.

"She often throws tantrums when she's out with Katie and Tom," the insider says, recalling that on March 15, Katie couldn't get Suri into her car seat.

"As always, Suri won and didn't have to sit in her car seat."

Breaking news right here, people. Four-year-old girls can get be temperamental and couples have different ways of raising kids. Stop the presses.


tom is a control freak and want's the world to bow to him and scientology. like the catholic's. well we only had to wait to see what happened to the catholic church. tom run's a milatary cult.the thing is you have to contribute 1 million each year to get in and stay,written in legal form.katie lawyer up and protect yourself. look what he did to nichole and other wife and kid' there something to him alway's marrying a catholic.scientology take over????


U could take a picture and that picture would seem like, that is the way it is. I dont think you can know anything about anyone at all by all of this stuff thats written about them... Its sad that movie stars have to have their life twisted into something it may not even be.. Live your own life and dont worry about anyone elses, of course, if a child is abused and you know it ,then someone has to step in and do something about it. I personaly believe all children like schedules and responsibilites to some extent, because then they can know what is expected of them, and I love the nanny show, where she comes in and teaches parents how to discipline and love their children in a very loving way. I would think if a kid gets everything they want, its not good for them. But thats my personal opinion. and I do not think we should judge them by these garbage magazines and some pictures taken .


The way you write shows hiw unintelligent and misguided you are. First if all Suri is Not a baby she is 5 years old eventhough Tom and Katie try to keep her a baby by carrying her and giving her a pacifier. She is a spoiled brat and I hope they don't have anymore because they have ruined her. She gets everything she wants and they let her stay up to all hours and feed her too much sugar and dress way too ild for her age, and that is only part of what they allow!


To Katie go back to school and learn how to speak. Relean to use the word is.


you people is some craaaazzy mother fuckers! LEAVE TOM & KATIE ALONE & let 'em raise dat baby! they is rich & beautiful & u is UGLYY! u all is just sittn there with u ugly self stuffin u face with powder dounuts typin on u broke ass computer i bet u havent showered in weeks? ugly n stinky? get u own life. just remember "i think i can i think i can!" take a shower first it very important! U have no friends if u stink like limburger cheese sour milk and something u cant quite name. perhaps jealously? LOSERS :)


I agree. I would never want to live like that. Not even for all of their $. No way, no how.


Poor child...I wouldn't wish FAME on any child. Can you imagine not being able to walk down the sidewalk without cameras flashing in your face? Suri probably has retinal damage already!
None of knows what really goes on in anyone's lives. But FAME is a curse. We who are NOT famous are blessed. No amount of money can make up for stalking someone night and day (and their children).
Had Tom Cruise asked to marry me at some point, I would have undeniably turned him down. I wouldn't want to live in that hell or raise children in the spotlight. No thanks!


She's very spoil girl but very cute girl. Its their first natural child. They need more discipline Suri more or they will be sorry!


He has 2 children that he raised already that are responsible intelligent people. Katie & Tom are both decent ppl. There's no reason to expect anythind different from their daughter. She's going to be just fine.


Yes o, let them help breed kids that will 'malfunction' in our society let say. . . in the nearest future? Good job 'scientologist' Tom, good job

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