Star Jones Goes Off on NeNe Leakes, Lisa Rinna

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Seriously, can anyone out there stand Star Jones? Anyone at all?

We ask this question in light of the recent stirs created by this former talk show host on the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Referred to as a "back stabber" by co-star NeNe Leakes, Jones tried to hold back in an interview with Daytime Confidential, but ended up going off and saying:

Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice

"We're not on the same level. Lets make that clear. We're on the same show... In all honesty, I would never compare myself to another African-American woman. I would never tear down another African-American woman in order to elevate myself. Cream rises to the top and water seeks its own level."

Well, okay then.

Jones has also been feuding with Lisa Rinna, who was eliminated from the show on Sunday night.

Following a number of public comments and Tweets against Jones - a few of which compared her nemesis to a monster - Rinna was actually forced to take down all disparaging remarks when Star brought her legal team into this rivalry.

Jones says such attacks were "evidence of [Rinna's] instability" and enlisted attorneys from The Trump Organization and from Mark Burnett Productions to put an end to them. What a sore sport, huh?

The following archived posting from Rinna may be cruel, but what else do you have to offer the world, Star Jones? The least you can do is play along and zing her right back.

Lisa Tweet
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My O My, but celebs are a special, entitled group of folks! I was so amazed and Dionne Warwick's behavior on Celeb Apprentice. So much that I took her off my Ipod. I was floored that she could sit so judgmental and critical because she is. . . who? And that Star Jones . . . didn't she go around and get freebies for her (no over) wedding, so she could save her self a bundle? And she professes to be so altogether. Uppity women! I thought they did Lisa a huge disservice, ganging up on her and throwing her under the bus. Lisa didn't need to put Satan's face in comparison with Star's but she was a threat to the two African American Divas, or why else would they take such obvious offense? Grow up ladies, act you class and station. It is the public who has made you rich! Act like you deserve the attention you so obviously think you need! Celebs! What a bunch of unrealistic children!!! I was amazed, disappointed, and now no longer a fan of Warwicks. Don't admire a witch!


Star Jones is a miserable, vile, disturbed, & hateful human being. Her attitude she displays is that she will do whatever it takes to better herself @ whatever the cost.she would cut throat God for the thrown if she had the opportunity. Flat out, she is pure evil. So star Jones...go back to hell where you belong!


What Star is really saying is she is racist... Her words: ".... never compare myself to another African-American woman. I would never tear down another African-American woman in order to elevate myself. ....." So she has no problem tearing down a hispanic, caucasion, asian, etc. woman?? Please, Star is going to step over the bodies to keep going.




I agree with myinnergoddess up there in that as a society, rewarding greedy and base behaviour has become commonplace, especially when it comes to TV ratings. I wish I had a solution to it other than boycotting TV entirely.


star jones is a monster. A bad scary monster. Her teeth are stained and her breath is FOUL!,


star jones is obviously mentally ill.


Star and Dionne were scary mean, but at the beginning LaToya and Nene kept quite, creating a racial TEAM and a divide. I didn't appreciate that at all. Tired of the double standards.


You're not "Cream" Star...


The strategy of CA is just like Survivor. Not only are you to be good, but you are to sabotage your oppoenents so you can be the winner. Lisa was stupid and fell for the game, she deserved to be fired. Also she came in with a bad attitude - first show she made a statement in regards to team name "the sista's got the vote" referring the the black women on CA. She lost my vote/support after that. Petty, catty, what dignity???

Star Jones Quotes

It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book. It speaks to her true character.

Star Jones

I want to fall in love again. I'm ready to love 24/7. I want happiness.

Star Jones
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