Snooki Parties With Jionni LaValle, Crocadilly

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Freaking Snooki partied up a storm Saturday night in Las Vegas. No, it was like crazy out there. Even more so than a typical Tuesday night at Karma.

Hosting a bash to kick off spring break at LAX nightclub, VIP Snooki rocked the house and kicked it with boyfriend Jionni LaValle and her father Andy.

The Jersey Shore star posed with Jionni, who she's been dating since November, and a big inflatable crocodile reminiscent of her favorite stuffed toy:

Jionni LaValle, Snooki Picture
What's the (Croc-a) Dilly?

FREAKING SNOOKI: Girl probably banked five figures for this too. That thought is almost as nauseating as when she talks about "getting it in" on Jersey Shore.

It's nice to see her happy with Jionni LaValle in all seriousness. He's clearly a good influence on her ... well, maybe. Honestly who the heck knows with Snooki.

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woww, some people are obviously jealous, if you had an opportunity like snooki i bet you would do the same thing. its not like snooki made fun of you and called you people all those mean names your calling her, shes a freakin person like everyone else, just because you dont like what type of person doesnt mean you have to be a bitch about her.


They're from NY, like you. Idiot.


OMG. Jersey is full of the dumb morons. Never seen the show, never will. I live in NYC. I can tell who is from Jersey. Morons try too hard to look like they are from a big city. Looks ridiculous.


shes the only retard that would need to drink all hours of the day if they had the chance. a 4 foot nothing troll who needs a reality check. cant stand her or the rest of the fucking jersey shore crew. well, Pauly and Vinny are pretty regular dudes. The rest can fuck right off.


wth they aint even talking shit u ppl r stupid stop tryin to defend ppl wen thrs no fukin reason get a fukin life lol its sad wen ppl try to take a stand for the wrong reason


What do you have against Snooki @ Free Britney?
Everytime I read an article, you're always getting on her crap - WTH?
You would be living it up too if you were her. Leave Snooki alone!!!

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