Sheen's Korner, Take Three: Hating on Phones and Trolls...

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Phones were built by trolls.

So states Charlie Sheen in his latest UStream talk show/rant/sign that this actor is nearing the end of his drunken, disturbing rope.

In his third edition of Sheen's Korner, the FORMER Two and a Half Men star speaks again with an associate on the phone, convincing the man to remain on the line far beyond his initial reason for calling.

It's pretty sad, really, as Sheen simply needs someone to whom he can talk. Among the topics Charlie rambles on about: a "Sheen Dog," and how we must listen to the "gold" as it rolls out of his mouth. Has this disheveled, unemployed celeb finally crossed the line from entertaining to irritating and depressing? You tell us...

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You know, I really want a shirt with his face on it that either says "Winning!" or "Bring it!". I know its off topic but its still true.


Charlie, move away from the door. The medi-vac heliocopter is under fire from the combat base. Your Purple Heart isn't unique. PS: LOVED THE MOVIE.


His last broadcast on ustream sounds like his final thoughts before he does something dangerous-to his bosses/coworkers for real.


I really wish someone could intervene and help this poor and prayers


Charlie, I realize you now see me as a "troll" but I used to be a huge fan even loved the Wraith because you were in it.I am so sorry you must live in this hell and chaos that has become your mind. I hope you accept the help your family has no doubt offered you soon. Otherwise I know I will here of your tragic death soon; and God what a waste. YOU ARE NOT A WINNER MR. SHEEN YOU HAVE LOST EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS; YOUR FAMILY, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR CRAFT AND YOUR SELF RESPECT,IF INDEED YOU EVER HAD IT. PLEASE, FELLOW "TROLLS", STOP Whatching and take away the platform he craves so he may in fact live to fight another day and just possibly win.


Charlie come on even u should know u r outa control


This man is in a total downward spiral. I'd hate to be anywhere near him when he finally hits rock bottom, it's gonna be very,very bad.


Watching Charlie, all I used to do was laugh 'till I cried. Now all I can do is cry as "Bobaloo" feeds the fire. Wishing you well, Charlie.

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