Sheen's Korner, Episode Four: Sit Back and Rejoice...

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Charlie Sheen unleashed on Jon Cryer yesterday. But that was just the beginning of this mad man's rant against those he believes have wronged him.

In the fourth installment of Sheen's Korner, the actor takes aim at his enemies, most notably, of course, Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. He tells viewers to "sit back and rejoice, for the Malibu Messiah" is before us.

"Hi ya Chuck-E-Cheese ball," Sheen says in the video below. "Where ya hiding silly clown? Behind your narcissism, your greed, your hatred of yourself or women?

"Think of me often loser during your most quiet moments... Can you smell your soul? Can you smell the rotting dog shit? The fermented puke that is your viscera? Can you smell your mother's tears from some distant memory as she scattered her pathetic creation asking all around her why this feeble abortion survived?"

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You don't ask to b invited to GiJoe. R you getin all the tracks that im laying down 4 you? $20 thousand 4 da one show-time and a €20 million cash option 4 Warren to see the queen. David Blain's gonna need a bigger box...welcome to Essex, girl! One small quantum steep for man...your welcome xxx p.s your hired you get Bandlers role (c wikapedia.) Russell Brand can play Himself. lol NOW... lifes a stage! Hand shake hand shake.


you all sound like the jelious vomits you are,you talk as if he give a brown juicy shit what you think,its rather funny though to read a bunch of feebles thoughts as im sure you know you are all nobodys and he also knows that,whos laughing CHARLIE thats who,i see him needing no help what so ever,what about you who think they can judge haha lay your head a night and think of that your all puke and vomit sleep well .


Talk about projection, Charlie really despises himself and is so self involved he does not consciously realize it.


He is too far gone. I should have had him in my death pool. Really sad though.

Mea culpa

Way to bite the hand that fed you. Booom! Crash! Burn ...


He needs to get a life, and try to clean up his act. If he wants to ever see his kids again, then he needs rehab very badly.


i get it...i really get do get what your doing..i too was in a position of having money,not by your scale,and had what i thought were friends betrayed me. my family betrayed me. i have nothing now but a ruined name,empty wallet and no friends..but you have the power to fight back and i say slam the rotten bastards!! i always tell them that i bet its lonely on the cross. i also cannot stomach ignorant assholes thinking they know what goes on behind my closed doors..especially if they are never here. im with you 100%. screw the perfect people who live in their own bubble with no life of their own so they fuck with others!! TURN MY MILK TO QALL..MAKE THICK MY BLOOD..RAGE WAR, RAGE WAR, RAGE WAR! P.S i ccould keep up with you!!


This guy clearly needs help. He is going to unleash and take people with him, watch out.


dearest charle's ~ damn you forsaken liar beast of hell! how darest you demean AA for Chriast sakest! they are who you need plus your family! where is your family????? you need the bestest helpest e'er to get e'er more better e'er e'er after!!!! i am not addicted to you, you tiger blooded feverished mannerishismed whore! get the hell out of dodge chrysler detroit's town now! with all my .... venomed hate. to


Wow! I listened to the entire conversation and I swear I couldn't make heads or tails really of what he was saying! It was so bizarre! I think he has a real problem, not sure if he is schizophrenic or exactly what is going on with him but it is wierd for sure! It seems he thinks he has to have the last word with having lost so much. He may seem kind of normal some days and out of his mind on others. I have a friend who is completely alcoholic and she can be passed out on the floor completely one day and seem completely normal the next. It is like watching two different people! So who knows what is going on with his mind but it is extrememly sad. He is in extreme need of help but he will not let anyone help him and his paid people won't tell him because they are paid to tell him what he wants to hear. Get help Charlie before it's too late! We don't want to watch you die!

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