Selena Gomez: Terrified by Death Threats

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Justin Bieber may be angry about the paparazzi coverage of his relationship with Selena Gomez - as evidenced by this middle finger - but the latter singer is simply scared.

Or terrified, to be exact, according to the latest issue of Star Magazine.

Ever since Justin and Selena went public at a Vanity Fair Oscars party last month, sources tell the tabloid that death threats against Gomez have intensified. Many Beliebers have transitioned from passionate to disturbing.

"Selena's terrified," says the insider. "She's only young and when she sees things written about her, she understandably freaks out. Justin tries to reassure her, but what can he do?"

As she discusses in the video above, Gomez has dedicated her latest single, "Who Says," to these critics. She told Ryan Seacrest last week:

"This song is such a great message to my fans, and it really touched me when I heard it. Basically, it's to the haters, it's to the people who try to bring you down."

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You people are awful! Why would you say those things to her? How much stress do you think the both of them are under? I'll tell you how much, A CRAPLOAD! So leave the poor couple alone and cool your hormones!


Fucking SergeoNeal is still getting married to Justin Beiber toJustin Beiber577-21-4075 02-20-1991 Me and Justin Beiber are go to the MontgomeryWorks WestField


Oh my godness people what is your problem leave selena alone she is a nice shy and sweet girl who loves to laugh she's just tryna enjoy her life with her boyfriend justin which is uuber sweet if you don't appreciate his girlfriend then that's your problem and lately on the news justin bieber has said he is peed of with the death threats.
Just give her a break man leave her alone how would you feel if you were in her position what people have sent are really upsetting I actually cried myself so has she stop ruining her life please SELENA GOMES I LOVE YOU I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN I LOVE YOU I WILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE YOUR NEVER ALONE LOVE YOU.


whoah..who says for haters???? Uh huh,well i am and btw do that means that how much we hate you,means thats the price of your beauty like if 10000000 people hates you means your beauty price would be 10000000? Not uh huh,what you saying that we are bitches whos trying to pull you down??? but ur the one who puts the bieber on the ground bitch,you are!


Time to face the music armed with this great infomrtaoin.


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Okay so here is the deal. I love Justin Bieber but don't like Selena Gomez. And it is not because she is dating him. But seriously it is one thing not to like her but posting death threats is pretty stupid. Like seriously get a life.


Guys stop giving Selena a death threats. You're just a fan and he doesn't even know you.


back of selena gomez shes a wonderfull girl that i enjoy i love my fans but i love selena too


Y'all say babby baby baby oh well I say loader loser loser yya

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