Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber Facial Hair: Not a Fan!

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When Justin Bieber Tweeted March 5 that “im not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache, im pumped,” Selena Gomez wasn't swooning at the idea.

On the Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM this morning, Gomez explained why she did not encourage her boo to go there: “You’ve gotta commit,” she told listeners.

“You can’t just be like, ‘All right, let me just do a little one.’”

Though Gomez explained that she’s not totally against facial hair, she does raise a good point. It's Justin Bieber. What is a month really going to produce?

“He … needs a little more time,” she laughed.

Hopefully there won't be more Selena Gomez death threats over that cute wisecrack. You never know with Beliebers. Here's a clip of her interview:

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Selena ? , You Suck ! :) I Hate You !


ILoveYouJustin , U Are The Best


Justin i luv your hair style ;p !


WTF , I hate you Selena Omg I wish they are broke up , I love the world more than you selena =)


Am I the only one who thinks Selena Gomez is too good for Justin Bieber? I have nothing against Justin, but honestly, he's still a baby. I think all the Selena haters might as well stop wasting their energy and leave her alone, because probably she will soon leave him for someone a few years older anyway.


fuckin slag


lol shes just saying what she feels about his facial hair no biggie its her bf so whatever.i love her shes a doll :)


I don't understand why people threaten this girl just because of who she is dating. Thats a disgusting thing to do!
And kinda surprised at how serious people are taking this discussion. But more surprised to learn Justin Bieber can grow facial hair at all.


Yea me neither, good call Selena!


its his choice if he wants to do it then im not stopping him i love him and support him