Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber Facial Hair: Not a Fan!

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When Justin Bieber Tweeted March 5 that “im not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache, im pumped,” Selena Gomez wasn't swooning at the idea.

On the Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM this morning, Gomez explained why she did not encourage her boo to go there: “You’ve gotta commit,” she told listeners.

“You can’t just be like, ‘All right, let me just do a little one.’”

Though Gomez explained that she’s not totally against facial hair, she does raise a good point. It's Justin Bieber. What is a month really going to produce?

“He … needs a little more time,” she laughed.

Hopefully there won't be more Selena Gomez death threats over that cute wisecrack. You never know with Beliebers. Here's a clip of her interview:

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selena stop bingin childish JB is gay and ugly so as you.I HATE THA BOTH OF YOU VERY MUCH CAUSE YOU AND YOU YOUR BOYFRIEND ARE CHILDISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let justin do wat he wants its his life his face sooo its not up to selena wat he duz its like selena is his mum!!!!:@


break up with J.B.
you can get way better ;).
jb., i'm sorry, but you suck.


selena u r the pretty version of me i think ur great... i love justin biebr tooo


1 more thing........ U all are just jelous tht he picked her! just think do u really want to b the one who ruined there lifes? i dont! so back off!!
selena and justin i


listen befor selena went out with justin EVERYONE loved her now that she is going out with justin everyone is a hater! WHY? she loves him and he loves her so back off! how do u think u would feel if people left comments like all you are? u wouldnt feel very good! now u know hw selena feels !!!!!!!! SO BACK OFF!!!!!


Everyone's just jealous for the fact that he picked selena . she is gawjuss , stylish talened and a right sweetheart . He is a very very lucky guy and i just hope he no's that .


jeez! calm down everybody!!! selena didnt do anything...she doesnt deserve to have everybody hating when they dont even know her? i meen im not a fan of hers or biebers but need to be cruel... i couldnt imagine having to read nasty comments like this about myself.just think about how you would feel...


i dont see why u all think bibier so cute he gay to me!!!!!!!!!ps and my family


i love Justin Bieber like he music there are to good cuts

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