Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber Facial Hair: Not a Fan!

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When Justin Bieber Tweeted March 5 that “im not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache, im pumped,” Selena Gomez wasn't swooning at the idea.

On the Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM this morning, Gomez explained why she did not encourage her boo to go there: “You’ve gotta commit,” she told listeners.

“You can’t just be like, ‘All right, let me just do a little one.’”

Though Gomez explained that she’s not totally against facial hair, she does raise a good point. It's Justin Bieber. What is a month really going to produce?

“He … needs a little more time,” she laughed.

Hopefully there won't be more Selena Gomez death threats over that cute wisecrack. You never know with Beliebers. Here's a clip of her interview:

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Guys GET OVER IT selena did nothing bad 2 u! And no M.s.M im not gonna kill myself because i dont like justin...


okk yall i am not selly ok just a huge fannn love all my heaterzzzzzzz


Okk i love justin soo much and you selena i love you too okk and you both are cute together akk and you are all down to earth pepes love you soo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okk to start selena and justin love each other and you justin fans i am one of them need to stop ......... Talking shit abou selena you guys dont have a ..... Reson to hate her only cuzz she love justy does .... Not mean you need to hate her and all you ........... Fuking hearzzz need to stop say that you are ........ Gunaaa kill selena cuzzz all you now its not true at all and you are making selena feel .......and all you dont give a shit but i do and leve her alon and you meita joy get a life okk and stop talking bad about selly okk and i lov you selena and dont lising what peps tell yaa okk take care and justin i love you with all my heart babe take care okk love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:


I agree with a lot of people,people need to leave selena alone if she wants to date justin then let her its her life not the haters!!!!!
And personally i dont think justin would look good with facial hair but whatever if he wants it then let him have it!! Its his face and no one elses.


eu vo esmaga essa selena gomes ! robo meu marida !! -'-


I luv u selena gomez ...... Luv ur looks man


1.Selena Gomez is beautiful. 2.Selena Gomez is funny. 3.Who else can you imagine w/ these characteristics nt countin u? Theyre perfect n theres nun u cn relly do bout it so....hate on it haterx n keep on rollin


And Haters Of Justin : U Can Kill You're Selve's ;)


I Love Justin
I Love Justin
I Love Justin