Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber Facial Hair: Not a Fan!

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When Justin Bieber Tweeted March 5 that “im not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache, im pumped,” Selena Gomez wasn't swooning at the idea.

On the Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM this morning, Gomez explained why she did not encourage her boo to go there: “You’ve gotta commit,” she told listeners.

“You can’t just be like, ‘All right, let me just do a little one.’”

Though Gomez explained that she’s not totally against facial hair, she does raise a good point. It's Justin Bieber. What is a month really going to produce?

“He … needs a little more time,” she laughed.

Hopefully there won't be more Selena Gomez death threats over that cute wisecrack. You never know with Beliebers. Here's a clip of her interview:

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Just leave them alone their madly in love


hey justin my sisthers are big fans now they are mad because you are dating selina they crie every night because they LOVE YOU but the mediem one she's RELLY RELLY MAD AT YOU YOU thanks alote


Ok first who ever said that Justin Bieber haters can die really needs to grow up and shut their mouth. I understand that everyone has an opinion but all of you people who are acting all tough like they are gonna do something need to just shut up and quit trying to act like you are tough and will kill someone cause you know you won't cause you don't have the guts to kill or hurt someone. Second if Selena doesn't want Justin to grow facial hair she is allowed to voice her own thoughts on the subject without all the "Beliebers" bugging out and sending her death threats. As it stands right now nothing all if you crazed Justin Bieber fans say will influence Selena and Justin in anyway, they will do what they want no matter what you people say so just get a life and stop trying to intimidate Selena by acting all tough by sending her death threats. Just be happy that Justin and Selena found each other and that they are happily in love. GOSH GROW UP!


Yeah, @M.s.M, im a justin hater. You have baaad taste!


@Tiffany ; And who do u think u are ?! .. do u even hate Justin?! watch what ur sayin hunny ! *


@M.s.M, who do you think you are? You shouldnt say mean things to people. You told justin haters to die! What, do you want everyone dead? Watch your big fat mouth next time! Ooh, BUUURRN!


maybe i can know that look :-?
She got him - n' she never gonna push him out
he realy good, n' she.....maybe....:))


He said , if he loved any girl .. He trusts her


It's not any of you had a chance with him anyway. There's millions of girls who like him. Just be happy hes found a girl he likes. Kthanksbye


Whatever -.-

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