Sarah Palin: Not Afraid of Jon Stewart!

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While he is, by all accounts, left of the political center, Jon Stewart has had many GOP members on the Daily Show and has a reputation as a well-respected interviewer.

After a recent appearance, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tweeted that he "Just wrapped up one of the most thoughtful interviews" of his book tour.

Yet many prominent conservatives, Sarah Palin among them, keep holding out on Stewart. But why? Is she afraid of his questioning or of the gaffe potential?

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Is Sarah Palin ducking Jon Stewart? Or just not a fan?

Palin has been invited numerous times by Stewart, yet her spokeswoman, Rebecca Mansour, claims that she "doesn't recall being invited on Jon Stewart's show."

Mansour added that no one from Sarah's PAC does either, and that Palin's Fox News contract precludes her from appearing on other networks without approval.

The spokeswoman stressed: "She is certainly not 'afraid' to go on his or any show. Sometimes she chooses to avoid a show, such as David Letterman's."

"She's not afraid of his show. She doesn't think about him all that much. Neither do I. However, I do recall that he's been rather vicious in his coverage of her."

"I'm not sure why she would even want to appear on his show and give it a ratings boost," she told HuffPost. "However, if you continue to imply that she's afraid of appearing on a comedian's satire news show, then you're just plain wrong."

"She's stared down big oil companies and won. Jon Stewart isn't that intimidating."

So, basically, she ... just doesn't like Stewart and doesn't want to help him out?

She should really reconsider. What better forum to call out Michelle Obama?


Love the last comment!! Good one :)


just like Obama is a chicken shit to debate rush limbaugh i guess. or does it not work both ways like everythng else in liberalville?


Brandt, why don't you beat the rush, head off to Canada now. And don't come back. And take your friends with you. That is, if you have any friends.


He probly hasnt on his show becuz its for "political" figures. Not stupid media whores who say anything and everything to stay in the spotlight cuz they lost a presidential run. Sarahs a fucking loser. Just curl up with your guns up in alaska and shut the fuck up.


anyone who says stewart is smart i got one name for you john yoo. not every politician has to go on his show im not a stewart fan at all i think he is mean spirited narcissitic and rude


Nobody is afraid of little Jon(Limpy)Liebowitz; especially not powerful populist princess Sarah Palin.


If she's not afraid of EVERYONE other than those softballs set up for her by Faux news than why doesn't she ever have a REAL interview?


ya if she isnt afraid of jon stewart then why did she have her spokesperson say it for her? and why so many times? "shes not afraid of him, why would someine say shes scared, cuz shes not scared" know what i mean?
this quote from 10th kingdom comes in mind when i think of sarah palin- tony: "theres no use this man is a complete idiot"
village idiot: "if only! now my father, he was a complete idiot, im just a half wit"


I really hope she doesn't run for president. She would lose it for the republican party.


Sarah Palin is Not going to show up on any program where a dose of intelligence and knowledge on political subjects are necessary. As far as her continuance in calling out Mrs. Obama, Michelle is a highly educated woman who knows how to ignore ignorance and refuses to get caught up in Sarah Palin's finger pointing and verbal cat fight web. I believe that the sand in the hourglass of Palin's 4 years of fame is about to come to an abrupt end. In all honesty, I believe that she is less popular than she was 1 year ago. PEACE!!

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