Sarah Palin Calls Out Michelle Obama With Apparent Breastfeeding Joke

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Sarah Palin has a way with words. That way is ... well, interesting.

Cracks and unnecessary side comments she made during an event last week, while harmless enough, continue to undermine her attempts to be taken seriously.


No matter how wise she might be about deficits, health care and foreign affairs, her speech to the Long Island Association will be best remembered for this line:

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is a quote machine.

Discussing the escalating price of gas and groceries, Palin reportedly said, "It's no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you better breastfeed your baby - yeah, you better - because the price of milk is so high right now!"

Alright then.

Palin has called out Michelle Obama and her campaign to reduce child obesity many times before, so that's not newsworthy. Nor is that joke offensive at all

Just weird. Childhood obesity and the medical benefits of breastfeeding are serious topics, which she's made light of in her latest bid to chide the First Lady.

While not up there with Charlie Sheen quotes, this is one of Sarah's strangest.


This lady, Sarah Palin is a liability to the Republicans.How did they come about her emergence as Vice Presidential candidate in the last election ?


you don't feed a baby (under the age of one) cow's milk. You feed it formula. Doesn't she know that?


She just exemplifies every time she opens her mouth just how dumb she is to politics or politican as she says! My God!!!!!! Doesn't she realize that people are not laughing with her, their laughing at her? Why do she continue to put herelf in these situations is beyond me...


"Alright then."
Anyway. The reason I bothered to read this is that Sarah Palin quotes are the new Bush-isms. Reading them just...


She wasn't calling anyone out. What a harmless statement. She was just being sarcastic about the price of milk... it had nothing to do with breastfeeding or Obama's anything. I am not going to vote for Palin, but I am so sick of people hanging on every word she says just to bash her. What if people do that to you? Its just stupid. The hate and disrespect between our parties and the supporters thereof is tearing the unity of this country apart. Seems to me the author is just Palin bashing because is "sport" to them and wanting to pick a fight. There has got to be something more intelligent to write about... oh hey, I know... maybe we should write about the great people who are working to get fresh, clean, safe drinking and bathing water to villages in Africa. That is worth writing about. Not more useless, brainless Palin hating, or Obama hating for that matter.


I don't think she "called out" anybody. I think she agreed w/ Ms Obama & added 1 more reason to breastfeed. Sorta tongue in cheek. I think the author is trying to create a story here when there isn't one.


@repubman: Free Britney was being sarcastic (correct me if I'm wrong @Free Britney).
@trc 1990: "Potential policies in thw White House"? LMAO!! She is about as qualified to be president as Lindsay Lohan is. Good Grief!


Free Britney is not very well informed. "wise about deficits, health care and FOREIGN AFFAIRS". McCain's campaign aides disagreed with this during the 2008 campaign saying they doubted that she would EVER be qualified for the presidency. Imagine this coming from a republican.


How is this still news?! This was just a funny side comment; they should report on the rest of her speech which was quite informative of her potential policies in the White House. Palin 2012


WTF ! That's the "controversial" comments? OOOH No! That's terrible. That's almost as bad as when she said she had campaigned in 57 states. Oops that was the 'One'. What a joke.

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