Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola Unveils Jewelry Line

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Jersey Shore star Sammi Giancola, a.k.a. Sammi Sweetheart, is getting her jewelry line on. Her signature bling will be called ... wait for it ... Sammi Sweetheart.

The line will be seven pieces focused on her (wholly inaccurate) “sweetheart” image, includes heart-shaped pendants, crystal bracelets and large hoop earrings.

There will also be a necklace modeled after the leash around Ron's neck.

Sammi Drags Ronnie Around

You too can dress like a Jersey Shore star!!!!!!!

Fortunately for fans, Giancola tells People she isn’t charging sky-high prices: “I love that the RichRocks brand and my collection retails for just under $100.”

“It was very important for me to keep all of the pieces affordable for fans so they can purchase more than one piece and add to the collection," she adds.

"I've created some great fun and flirty pieces to wear day into night.”

They may even look great on the floor of a Seaside Heights shack.

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Can anyone tell me where i can buy her jewelry?


I would wear Sammis design. I just don't fancy the design of the jewelry but as a brand I love Sammi Sweetheart.


I wabt sam and ron to get marri I watch the show every day I love it


Sammi and Vinny are the ones from the Jersey Shore that actually went to collage and graduated Jwoww is not even italian at all


Great! I've always wanted to dress like a Jersey Shore floozie!

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