Ryan Phillippe to Alexis Knapp: You Sold Me Out!

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Ryan Phillippe is not pleased.

Alexis Knapp, the woman who claims Ryan is the father of her unborn child, is already casting him as a deadbeat because he hasn't paid her expenses.

According to sources close to Ryan, not only is this unfair, as it hasn't even been established that the baby is his, he HAS supported Knapp financially.

Not only that, Alexis said that if Ryan supported her during her pregnancy, she wouldn't go blabbing to the media ... which he says she has anyway.

Pissed Off Phillippe
Alexis Knapp Photo

Alexis Knapp, who is due in June, says her baby is definitely Ryan's. Phillippe will take a DNA test as soon as the baby is born and support it if it's his.

Sources connected to Alexis claim while she's pregnant, she hasn't received a dime from Ryan and is hurting financially because she's unable to work.

People close to Ryan say Alexis is lying and that he is paying Alexis' expenses, despite having no obligation to do so until a judge establishes paternity.

Short story, this isn't going well. As a source connected to The Lincoln Lawyer star put it, "File it under the category, 'No good deed goes unpunished.'"

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I'm sure she'll manage just fine one way or another, with or without Ryan's help, I'm sure they'll work something out, however they decide to, it's not fair to automatically assume Ryan's the asshole, or Alexis is just being a gold digger! It's not our place to pass judement, or to decide what's best for them! Have some respect for their privacy! Treat others the way you wish to be treated, if you can't then leave them alone!


oh and btw, she is BEAUTIFUL. paparazzi always try to take unflattering photos, so i suggest you stop paying mind to those idiots. i guess she is just soooo ugly that she is a model/actress, right?? that's why she gets paid to do what she does, right?? you are all so dumb. you're just upset with your sad, little, hopeless, ugly lives that you have to focus on her and HER LIFE. go get one of your own.


Okay, so all of you are idiots. @noyfb, why is she a slut?? Because she is pregnant and ryan is an ASSHOLE?! you have no right to talk, you dumb bitch. she did modeling jobs while she was pregnant, and tried to find other work. work is NOT easy to find in LA. truth is, ryan cheated on her multiple times and shuns any form of responsibility. and she did NOT ask him for anything, ryan OFFERED to help her. so she, believing that, thought that he would keep his word. she did NOT get pregnant on purpose. and i can't believe all of you idiots have the audacity to believe that you know anything about her when not a single one of you have even met her, let alone gotten to know her. mind your own business, you stupid bitches.


wow she is fugly, he must've had on some serious beer goggles


Why does she need his money while pregnant? Is she homeless, can't buy food or have no health insurance? I have 2 kids and the expenses while I was preggo were nothing close to bank breaking (I did have health insurance). Why can't she work? The majority of healthy women can and do work long into pregnancy. This is a big cash grab for her. And even if he was required to pay her expenses,which he is not, it would not be ALL of them,at most it might be half. Gold digger.


Why should he have to pay her expenses while she's pregnant? And if she can't work, she should be on bed rest, which clearly she's not. So get a job like the rest of us did when we were pregnant and take care of yourself. I'm sure if it turns out to be his, hell take care of it.


Ruff Stuff


what a gold digging slut, oh she can't work while she's pregnant, yeah by choice she is not working. Yet she's all over town buying shit and shopping, where's she getting the money for that, and if she can't work because of pregnancy why isn't she at home instead of being photagged everywhere, lazy bitch just wants money for nothing, probably grabbed the used condoms and inserted the sperm herself


What's the good deed?


Is it me, or does she look like a younger version of Oksana?