Ronnie Magro: Too "Young" For a Relationship

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Ronnie Magro says he's too young for a relationship. Young, immature, unstable, abusive. Call it what you want, he and Sam are done. DONE!!!!! GET OWWWT!!!!!

After the latest blowup between the lovebirds on the Jersey Shore Season 3 finale, Ronnie and the inaccurately nicknamed Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola broke up.

They're actually still broken up, too, which is like a record for them.

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"Some people are just toxic to each other," Magro tells Life & Style, saying that despite trying to make the rocky romance work, he just can't take it anymore.

When Sammi lied about hooking up with Arvin, Ron needed space. "Cheating is where I draw the line," he says, adding that he's too young for a relationship.

Ronnie's 25. Sammi's 24, and only hooked up with Arvin at age 21. Like forever ago. "It was like everything at once came tumbling down," she laments.

"We're better off career- and health-wise figuring out what we need for ourselves," Ron says, in probably the most intelligent statement he's ever made.


well id say sammi let go ron he doesnt deserve you!!ยก


Hmm ... If I recall correctly, Ronnie dished out LOADS of emotional abuse towards Sammi, trashed all of her stuff, and came THIS close to getting physically violent towards her. And so they broke it off, she left his sorry butt in Seaside, and went home for a mental break ... And THEN called Arvin. I know it's an MTV crafted show and we only see the 45 minutes they edit into an episode every week, but by my definition, that wasn't cheating. Unlike Ronnie who was out at every club in Miami getting phone numbers, making out with two and three women at a time, and motorboating everyone in sight ... And then going home to sleep with Sammi. And bragging about it to the guys after the fact. I can't believe this guy has anything to say about anyone. He's a typical steroid laced air headed juicehead. Maybe he needs to sit down and watch Season 2 for a refresher before he opens his big mouth about anyone's behavior.


Does anyone think that maybe they have this all planned out to fight so they get constant tv coverage?


Some people (very immature and insecure people) thrive on this type of relationship. They love the "highs" that come from making up and after the drama of the "lows". They feel that the craziness displayed by the other is somehow proof of how much that person "loves" them. These 2 people feed off of each others craziness in a sick way and should stay as far apart as possible. This is not love.


I love Sammi from the show, but girl you gotta let go! I'm currently watching season 2 again, and I feel for Sammi! Ron is a piece of shit! Thought out each show I hear you say "your done", you have to actually do it and not just say it! I'm glad you havn't ran back to him because you deserve so much better than that. You are so beautiful and smart (im not gay). You will find someone so much better then him, just give it some time! Can't wait for season 4! Just remember Sammi, when you go back for season 4, he is not worth one more tear so don't take him back! Trust me, I've been there and I know what its like. Good luck hun!


Funny thing is, I actually believe that Ronnie did/still does love Sammi. I also believe that there are people that are just toxic for one another .. As seems to be in the case of Ron & Sam. I'm not on either ones side but you have to admit, they are just too toxic to be together. I hope Italy does not reunite them as a couple however they should & can remain friends. I hope so but as another poster commented ... We will see when they start production for season 4 (Italy). May you both find the happiness that everyone deserves. Good luck!!


Too young? I think he's too immature... He needs to grow up soon, cause all the good girls will be taken and only the bad apples will be left...


So are we to believe that this won't start all over again in Italy??? God, I hope not. I think I've had all I could take of those 2 fools. I guess we'll see...


too youg? just too stupid. ive been in love with the same guy since i was 15, and now almost 10 years later were happily married with 2 kids. stop using too young as an excuse. its how mature you are for a real relationship that matters.

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