Robert Pattinson on Breaking Dawn Birth Scene: Hilarious!

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Spoiler alert: Bella gives birth in Breaking Dawn.

It's a pivotal scene in the arc of the Twilight Saga, introducing the world to Renesmee, Bella and Edward's half-vampire daughter (to be played by Mackenzie Foy) and Robert Pattinson finds it... hilarious?!?

"[Kristen] has to have this pregnant suit on all the time," the actor tells USA Today. "That was probably annoying for her."

Twilight Scene

Bella and Edward have come a long way since Twilight. So have the actors who portray them.

Of course, Bella undergoes changes far beyond a baby bump, as well.

"I can't give too much away but there's some bits, especially towards the end of the movie, she's just like the polar opposite of any of the other (films)," Robert says. "I mean, she's a different person, which is cool. She looks completely different. She looks probably the most convincing vampire out of all of us."

As for the scene that truly has fans buzzing - hint! hint! - Pattinson says "there are some days on set just watching you go 'How is this going to be PG-13?' It's like totally ridiculous."

In other words: it's like totally hot and naked! Is it November 18 yet?!?


im not a twi-hard but im looking forward to the next ones too, like harry potter, im sad to see it ending!


OMFG I F-IN LOVE TWILIGHT lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait til NOVEMBER 18th!lol I'm in LOVE WITH EDWARD CULLEN....


omg i can'r wait for it i love u both :D wish u best *_*


oh my days when will it blimin come out, why cant it be november 18th already.... I REALLY WANT OT SEE BREAKING DAWN! FOR GOD SAKE!


I can not wait to see this movie in November!!! I love the Twilight series~ I'll be sad when they are finished.


I love robert patterson.his a good actor.


How can a vampire mate with a human? Vampires eats humans, you don't see me going animal on my burger.


Omg its on my birthdaii and i cant freakin wait!!!!!


Yeah can't wait for this movie to come out! I LOVE this series and wish they'd hurry up with the rest of it! HOT, Hot!


Why can't it be November 18th I wanna see this first part so bad can't wait for it.

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