Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Fan-Filled Date Night...

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During a break from filming Breaking Dawn in Canada this week, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tried to sneak away for a date.

But they ran into a contingent of fans along the way.

Robert Pattinson on Cosmopolis Set

Robsten was spotted watching Red Riding Hood in a British Columbia theater by a fellow movie goer, who Tweeted: "They were alone. He was nice. She was just awkward. Didn't really wanna take photos." 

Another fan echoed that sentiment, writing that "[Stewart's] personality and body language is much like Bella," but managing to gather her pals around the couple for a photo, as seen above.

See Kristen's eyes sneaking out from behind her man? Come on out and smile, K. Stew. It's okay. The camera won't bite.


Dont blame her. I wouldnt exactly be smilin wid ppl who are all over my Some fans do go pretty wild n go OTT. Shez just a bit wary thats all. I love that she doesnt try to be some one shez not.


not surprising that her personality is like that... i get it. i mean, i know (and they know) the role they assume when being famous, but it has to be annoying and difficult at times to put on your happy face and sign autographs and take fan photos. i feel for them, constantly being photograhed and hassled, never getting a moments to breathe unless they are locked in a room... people assume that just because they chose this life they chose to be hounded 24/7, and maybe they did... but everyone needs a break sometimes. i chose to be a mother but it doesn't mean that i don't need my own space sometimes. i couldn't imagine never having a second to just be me.


Dude this is to funny. But from what i have seen from Kristen Stewart she doens really like her fans. I was watchinf Oprah one day and she was being interveiwed. Her biggest fan came to see her and she really didnt show much emotion about it. But on the good note she gave the girl her ring that she wore in the first and second movie but they had to cut it off her finger because Kristen grew. I feel bad for Robert and Kritsten though. But i still dont see why they are together. They seem like they have nothing in commen.


Kristen stewart eyes peeping out from the back of that photo is hysterical! Shes so funny. Rob steps up to pose and half cuddle the pack of wolves┄I mean Girls.

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