Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Fan-Filled Date Night...

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During a break from filming Breaking Dawn in Canada this week, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tried to sneak away for a date.

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    kristen keep up the good work that you do and lose the boyfriend or whatever he is how a jerk it is obvious he broke you heart,because that is wht he does falls in love for 2 or 3 years cause he likes the high it gives him but he cannot sustain any relationship i definetly think you should move to australia so you won't even have to see him. you go girl


    Kristen isnt awkeard she has a phobia of large crowds ....


    I think all those girl just 1 to take photo with rob, shoving kristen away to the back
    If she didn't 1 to take photo she would hav not been in this pic


    Give her a break. Imagine your working long hours, for days at a time..finally get to relax, chill out, going to a movie that your close friends made and BAM!!!!! Camera's flashing, girls screaming, people running. Hey they are just you and me. I bet they are both sooooo nice..but are forced to be on the defensive every day. I would get a little cranky too. They are just two people, enjoying their time together on this earth. Why make such a fuss.


    I think the paparazzi should just leave them alone how are they going to have a relationship with the paparazzi following them


    you got to feel kinda bad for them i dont see how they manage to keep a relationship going with so many different pressures that wouldd tear any couple apart


    Poor kristen! She must feel a bit annoyed that rob's being constantly followed. The paparazzi don't exactly help either. I hope they can spend some more time alone together.


    go kristen!!! girls screaming and all over your life long partner is something she tolerates but doesn't have to comply and like it. i hope she never gives the nuts a great photo shot. she is making her statement - leave us the f*** alone while we are on a date. i am sure rob coaxed her to do the photo; she complied but did it her way.


    Damn you can barely see her!! She's somewhere back there!


    Rob and Kristen are perfect together they have everything in common!! I feel bad for her millions of girls interrupting you while your trying to spend time with the love of your life ... i know they are famous but people are rude and need to give them space just because they are celebs does not give anyone the right to hound them ... didn't your mother ever teach you manners...

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