Renee Zellweger: Betrayed By Bradley Cooper?

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The Bachelor finale. More racy Vanessa Hudgens photos. The enigma that is Charlie Sheen. What to put on the cover if you're a tabloid? How about ...

Bradley Cooper betraying Renee Zellweger?

Maybe Star Magazine is onto something big ... or just stopped paying attention to celebrity news about a week ago. No offense to Bradley and Renee, but ...

Bradley and Renee: The Betrayal

Even if you're the type of person who pays money for gossip tabloids like this in the first place, is this really a story you're going to drop everything and read?

Of course, this being Star, they also bring out the ol' standby - times two. Stock photos of Jessica Biel and Sandra Bullock equals evidence of betrayal! Score!

In Bradley Cooper news that's actually true, Limitless premieres Friday!


Bradley Coopers been with so so many starlets since this break up, but Renee she didn't go out with anyone after.


Did Cooper come out of the closet?


She was the hot one out of the couple. Coopers nearly forty. There's lots of hot young guys, Coopers not young any more.


Renee suspected him of hanging with her to become high profile. The gals done a heck of a lot of movies from Chain saw massacre, Love and a 45, Down with love,Deceiver,nurse Betty,The whole wide world,empire Records,Dazed and confused,One true thing,Jerry Maguire,New in Town,White Oleander,My one and only,Appaloosa,Leatherheads,Miss Potter,Cinderella Man,Cold Mountain,Me myself Irene.So many more. She is an A-listed actress.Meanwhile who knew about Cooper? A b-grade actor who hung with Renee to really increase his publicity. Looks like a ladder-climber to me.My guess is there is going to be lots of rungs on his climb to the top.

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