Rebecca Black Signs with Major Music Label

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We haven't heard the last from Rebecca Black.

Thanks to the help of Ryan Seacrest, on whose radio show Black appeared last Friday, the 13-year old singer has been signed by music manager Debra Baum to her label, DB Entertainment.

Black on the Red Carpet

What kind of music can we expect from Black in the future? The aspiring artist told Entertainment Weekly a few days ago that she wants to record "dance anthem-like stuff."

What about working with famous songwriters? Says the singer: “That’s not a question you should ask me - my parents just throw song ideas at me, and I’ve been listening to a billion different songs.”


YOU SUCK AT SINGING SO SHUT UP REBECCA BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he video is a rip off of that girl from Icarly.i don't watch it,nor do i listen to her.but i seen a video and she was in the back of a drop top,in between two blonds as well.
that song sucks.and she shouldn't get a deal with a label over a shitty song that a 3 year old could sing.i would however like to thank her from teaching me what day it is.and the order of the days...i don't know what it is..but i just could NEVER seem to get that right.silly me.
the only person who should use auto tune is T-pain.
your 12,go play hop scotch and leave the music to the real talent in Hollywood.thank you


alana lee is waaay better man


What an idiot he is.... I don't care if Friday was a joke song... She doesn't deserve a record deal because of one stupid ass song that makes her sound like crap and attracted a bunch of brainless 12 year olds. There's people out there that have amazing voices and write amazing songs but they get ignored for losers like Rebecca.


She honestly made Fridays upsetting for me. They use to be happy days when it was the end of the school week. Now its a day when idiots run around singing "FRIDAY, FRIDAY". Thank you Rebecca everyone now understands the order of the days of the weeks. Pre-school teachers now have another way to teach their kids the days of the week. Please Rebecca, go away.


Insults? You mean truth saying she sucks and can't hold a note and the song was one of the worst things anyone has ever seen?


I think everyone deserves a chance at their dreams. She sounded pretty good when she sang the National Anthem on Good Morning America. It's just "Friday" that sucks so bad. She's not great, though; she could some some work--A LOT of work. I'm kind of anxious to see what she comes up with in the future. Until then, I'm officially undecided about her. OTF.


I don't see any talent in this girl, When I first saw the video I that she had down syndrome, I thought "oh how cute for someone wit DS to sing in a video", It's a dumb song, and so r the faces she makes. This is a joke!!


some people like myself are way more talented than her!!ther is no effing way she could be famous by one extremely bad song...and at least i dont have to edit my voice on the computer to make it sound better!! i mean come way..maybe they owont to have one more bad singer before the world ends..i dont really know!! but seriously she shouldnt be famous!! now im pissed!!


omg she freaking sucks!!! what the heck are going on in peoples minds!


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