Rebecca Black Signs with Major Music Label

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We haven't heard the last from Rebecca Black.

Thanks to the help of Ryan Seacrest, on whose radio show Black appeared last Friday, the 13-year old singer has been signed by music manager Debra Baum to her label, DB Entertainment.

Black on the Red Carpet

What kind of music can we expect from Black in the future? The aspiring artist told Entertainment Weekly a few days ago that she wants to record "dance anthem-like stuff."

What about working with famous songwriters? Says the singer: “That’s not a question you should ask me - my parents just throw song ideas at me, and I’ve been listening to a billion different songs.”


She is annoying


What are y'all talkin' about?! She's f-ing awesome. My theory of why all of these haters are being mean to her is because they're jealous, stuck in their own pathetic lives watching everyone else get famous but them. This girl is good, trust me--even Simon Cowell thinks so. There's a reason why DB Entertainment is signing her, you know...clowns!


The music industry is fucking dying, who the Fuck would even buy her record?! I've never seen anyone as talentless as her. And what's worse is that her parents doesn't stop her, they know that she sucks I mean hello everyone else does?? People are laughing at her nothing else.. Ps. Go on YouTube and write : x factor danmark babou. That's talent.. you won't regred it :)


she can't sing at all...i hate her -_-


This is plain stupidity. If you write a horrible, catchy-like-a-rash song, you shouldn't be signed. I suck at singing. I might as well be signed with her so I can make horrible music, too.


Oh wow, I thought 13 year olds know the days of the week!


omg this is a very sad world we live in. 'friday' was meant to be a joke. rebecca black, please listen to your music before you let the whole world comment on the songs terrible-ness


rebecca black is a joke I would rather listen to nails on a chalk board than her


omg..just goes to show ya that anybody can get a record mayyer how bad they are..that song is just plain stupid not to mention awful !!! today has went straight to the dogs..but I don't want to insult dogs because most of them probably sound better than half the new talent coming out today..


Rebecca Black. Get it through your thick skull.
EVERYONE WHO CAN HEAR thinks that you have less talent than a dead rat. DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR LIFE and GTFO of MUSIC! IT HIGHLY INSULTS REAL MUSICIANS. What's the point of giving people more of what they DON'T WANT if they're just going to feed it to the dog?


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