Rebecca Black Releases the Worst Song in Recorded History

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This has to be an SNL Digital Short, right? Although it hasn't happened yet, at some point, Andy Samberg will jump up from behind a bush in the following video, no?

That's the only explanation behind "Friday," a track released by random artist Rebecca Black. The single went viral over the weekend, soon after it was posted on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 blog. Since then?

It's racked up over five million YouTube hits, despite a lack of impressive vocals, an unknown singer behind autotuned lyrics, a video that makes no sense (why is Black waiting at a bus stop if her friends are picking her up?!?) and words that include how Friday is a great day and how "partying" is "fun, fun, fun."

It's a baffling Internet sensation, it's a product of a Los Angeles-based company called the Ark Music Factory and it's available here for your listening/bewildering pleasure:


The worst song ever?? You sure it beats Kim's and Angela's?? Close...


....yeah, am like 14 so yeah...i know the days of the week ;) thx sweet chheks :D
P.S: Da song....SUCKS !! and who the heck is da dude rappin' in da car ? and FYI i dont wanna know in what seat u wanna "kick in".... geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez !!!!! go back to school, be a loyer or sumthin' ! this aint ur thing ;)


we are jealous? of what?? she just made a fool of her self on youtube.. yeah, you have no idea how jealous we all are...


I love this song, dont hate. you guys are just jealous that shes better then you. i cant wait till FRIIIDAAYYYY!!!!!!!!! yayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!& saterday and sunday! keep hatttin hatterz!!


lolz....i was like how the hell did this song became so famous, i kinda saw it on tumblr and went to youtube to search...seriously her voice breaks window, there are so many other songs which deserves more views than this


is she serious? -_- she fcked up friday for me.


Are you kidding me!! Someones parents just spent alot of money to make their little girl famous! Please social media, don't let her become famous for this non-sense. That "rapper" should also be ashamed of himself. If you are going to make them famous. Please put them on the air and let us tell them what we th-th-th-think of this this this, today today today which comes after yesterday yesterday yesterday!!


I had a great day... untill I heard this crap...


@Brittany: HAHAHAHAHA! OMG I was thinking the exact same thing, couldn't have put it better myself!


Thank you so much Rebecca Black for so many things that you brought me in this song. Like the knowledge that Saturday and Sunday come after Friday and that wherever you live school busses look like convertables. Also thank you for telling me its okay to be a straight bitch to your friends if theyre in the seat you want and thanks for teaching me that you dont have to sing well just sing through your nose autotune it and then snarl at people and theyll love it. Last but certainly not least thank you for the experience because when I die if I go to hell at least Ill know that I am not going through the worst thing possible because i already went through it watching your video and subsequently ripping out my ear drums immediately afterwards. Thank you SOOOOO much.

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