Rebecca Black Releases the Worst Song in Recorded History

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This has to be an SNL Digital Short, right? Although it hasn't happened yet, at some point, Andy Samberg will jump up from behind a bush in the following video, no?

That's the only explanation behind "Friday," a track released by random artist Rebecca Black. The single went viral over the weekend, soon after it was posted on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 blog. Since then?

It's racked up over five million YouTube hits, despite a lack of impressive vocals, an unknown singer behind autotuned lyrics, a video that makes no sense (why is Black waiting at a bus stop if her friends are picking her up?!?) and words that include how Friday is a great day and how "partying" is "fun, fun, fun."

It's a baffling Internet sensation, it's a product of a Los Angeles-based company called the Ark Music Factory and it's available here for your listening/bewildering pleasure:

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its friday and this song makes me wanna kill myself. this girl is NOT talented!


Ok people have a lil heart shes only a 13 yr old girl and 2ndly she didnt even write those lyrics and do you pricks know that she plans to donate what earnings she made from that song to the japanese earth quake relief fund? Well you do now. . U should be ashamed of ur selfs


i sooooooooooooooo agree it made me want to poke out my ear seems thats any ass clown with a auto tuner and lack of self respect can get a record deal...ugh i hate to see how much worse music can get..


This is quite possibley THE WORST song i have ever heard when i heard it i shook my head in disbelief and thougt to myself. . damn they would give Anyone a record deal these days


It just sounds like a black eye peas b-side.member i gotta feeling? They named all 7 days of the week for crying outloud!haha


Man friday :(


im not tone deaf but its way better than kim kardashian's right??


How did the parents let this happen? OMG How did the songwriters let this happen? This song is soooo awful. The parents wanted to make their spoilt little princess famous and now it backfired.


i'm not even kidding this song literally makes me wanna cry. it's so sad. especially because you can see it in her eyes that this is not suppose to be a joke.
but i feel bad for the girl, all this negative attention she's getting. & it's not like she wrote it herself, two "award winning songwriters" wrote it. which is an outrage. THEY'RE the ones who should be getting most of the blame. the rest of the blame should go to the lousy parents who let this poor innocent girl take part in such monstrousness.


every time i hear this song, a little part inside of me dies.
but seriously, the way she pronounces 'friday'.
it makes me want to take her to a speech therapist...