Rebecca Black: Driven to Tears Over Cyberbullying

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Granted, we dubbed "Friday," the single released by Rebecca Black last week that garnered millions of YouTube hits in mere days as the worst song in recorded history.

But this aspiring artist says that's nothing compared to the personal attacks she's received since the video made her into a celebrity.

Rebecca Black at the TCAs

"At times, it feels like I'm being cyberbullied," Black tells The Daily Beast, saying she was sent messages that read: "'I hope you cut yourself, and I hope you'll get an eating disorder so you'll look pretty.'"

The 13-year old adds "I don't think I'm the worst singer, but I don't think I'm the best" and then explains the origin of the track:

It was part a $2,000 package her mother paid to Ark Music Factory, a Los Angeles-based production company for teen hopefuls. She chose to release "Friday" because she could relate to its simple themes. Hoping to one day truly make it big, Rebecca has one dream in mind:

"I am in love with Justin Bieber. [A duet] would make my life!"


i could post on here Help! And I bet no one will. Or will believe me over her because she's using the courts to bully me as a hellatious way to punish me and my 4 yr son and my unborn baby. We need help. their mom is on a bypolar bullying rage. She is a beautiful person but her mom used to bully her. I cant get mad cause i know its not her fault. please help this family at all costs. i have had it to the point where i have suicidal thoughts cause there's no help, no way out. But there's gotta be, please someone.
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at the end of the day the girl is 13 years old! shes so young and no one deserves the amount of shit that shes getting off people, all of you need to grow up and realise that shes still a child. shes chasing her dream! your all putting her down and you lot are the reason young girls like this kill themselves get some respect?!


i do feel sorry for her, but its her fault she put that crap out there in the first place. She must have known she was gonna get critisized, for christs sake even selena gomez (who never puts a foot wrong in my opinion) gets critisized!!


ok i feel sory for her has anyone heard the unlugged version? its not as bad it sounds pretty good and maybe if she sang a different song with hardly any auto tune it would sound good. shes just having fun let her have fun without ppl always telling her she sings bad and who on earth would tell her to go cut herself or get an eating disorder to look pretty! she is pretty i hope she meets justin but idk about a song together because ARK WILL JUST RUIN IT WITH AUTO TUNE!!!!


Aha I honestly don't get my people hate this song ! It's one of my fav SONG and I am a 2pacs , snoop dogg fan ! Will she is reach so keep on hating am sure she don't five a f**k ! Anyways Rebecca ur cute and just do you !
And I thought you were my and Justin beaver age 16 but ur only 14 , ! Ur prety cute and look like 16! :))


That's the kind of BS simple music that's on Disney and such. She should market herself to kids stations and start there like lots of people have. They would teach her to get big. Its a great song for kids, I think.


People can be really mean, but let's face it, that song and the video they're sh*t, heck they make me wanna cut my ears and take my eyes out. But hey, she's famous if it counts for something.


That is so sad. Sure, 'Friday' is a terrible song, but that doesn't mean people have to tell her that she should cut herself. People can say terrible things and she's just a kid having fun.


well you gotta be prepared for this, all the famous stars like justin beiber,miley cyrus, britney spears,lady gaga, selena or any other known celebraty, they got hater some more some less, they give comment, or threats what thats what you gotta handle


Granted it is a terrible song, but thingss that like don't need to be said to her. That's so incredibly hurtful and can damage a person in such a huge way. That's just totally cruel to do to someone. Then everyone wonders why today's society is to tremendously fucked.

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