Raunchy Christina Aguilera Photos: On the Way?

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She may be a judge on The Voice, but it sounds like Christina Aguilera will soon have problems surrounding her body.

Radar Online claims a source has contacted it with 109 photographs of the singer, most of which feature her in one raunchy pose after another. They were allegedly taken off a digital storage card this man found in a French hotel room.

Christina Photograph

Among the racy pics that may soon be circulating around the Internet:

  • A set of images that were taken on September 17, 2010 at Nicole Richie's bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  • Aguilera in bed with boyfriend Matt Rutler.
  • Aguilera posing alongside two naked strippers.
  • Aguilera simulating oral sex on an unidentified male, while he holds a sex toy.
  • Aguilera mimicking a oral sex on a chocolate covered banana.

Are these photos legit? Will they ever be leaked to the public? Who knows. But given Christina's escalating downfall, it's hard to be shocked over their existence.


I am so stunned. I don't think it's possible. Christina? No way. (totally in sarcasm by the way)


No one knows what she was thinking. So she goes out like every mom should take time for themselves and there would be less child abuse. What she has done is not as serious as everyone is making it, if she has a drinking problem(which hasn't been confirmed) then she should get help the sky is not falling, ever since the national anthem the poor girl has been under a microscope, before then no one thought about her other than the girl who can sing her butt off. One thing Ill never understand about any star is why on earth do they let their guard down knowing that in this industry you have no friend.


ywwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....i guess she had 2 grow up..what a mom
-_- start 2 hate her...she never think about her child..she's a unresponsibil mom and disgusting too !!


I'm actually really surprised by her downfall... I really respected her a while ago but now she's seems to be like "wah I'm a mom with responsibility" she needs to grow up & pull her head out of her ass. I hope she gets better soon.


kako se udebljala

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