Rachel Oberlin on Charlie Sheen Sex Life: A Dream Come True!

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Rachel Oberlin is living the life.

The woman who goes by the moniker "Bree Olson" in the adult film world tells The New York Post that she shares one big bed with Charlie Sheen and Natalie Kenly and when it comes to the trio's sex life: "We do whatever Charlie wants us to do."

Is that ever awkward? Please.

Charlie Sheen Girlfriends

"This is the type of lifestyle I've always wanted, and I'm thrilled with it," the porn star tells the newspaper.

Admitting she is part of an "unconventional family," Oberlin says it just works for her and her housemates. What's the big deal, people?

"I don't see the problem with going forth with your desires and acting out on your sexual desires as long as your partner is okay with that."

What makes Sheen stand out? Why has she fallen for him? Oberlin says:

"In my experience, most guys are hypocrites - they will say one thing and think another. Charlie is living it up. Men are programmed to want to reproduce. They are genetically engineered to try and have sex with as many women as they can.

"He [is] so funny and that is the key way to my heart. I love to laugh, he's the funniest man I've ever met, so quick, witty and intelligent. I couldn't ask for a better combination."

Trust us, Rachel. As a celebrity gossip blog, we feel the same way.


@connor: people are all different. No matter their religion. Yes katy perry had alot of sexual references, but shes just doing what she likes to do. Its not just americans either its the the whole population. Yes there are people who are "obsessed" with their religion ad follow it in amost everything they do, but there are also people who believe in their religion but still choose to do things that others may seem to be against religion.


Yes Conor I know it's hypocritical but it's reality.
I hope CS get's AIDS and dies just saying.


@Conor..that's because that's all you see on TV...but for most of the general American public, most people are somewhere in the middle...but that's too boring for TV.


@Conor - We are a free country....not as much as before but still have freedoms


Seriously people, I just don't understand Americans.
On one side, you have the bible bashers, and on the other promotion of utter slappers. Kids dressing and dancing like sluts, and at the same time preaching... It makes no sense at all.
Look at Katie Perry for gods sake, she comes from a very Christian family, yet in her video California girls it is full of sexual references to fellatio etc. WHY????


I thought Charlie was playing with fire by hiring prostitutes. Does he have ANY idea that having two "lionesses" under one roof, taking sex from the both of them that someone's going to get their eyes gouged out. Sorry, but since the beginning of time, female lions (goddesses as Charlie calls them) bring out their killer instinct when someone messes with the King Lion. These two "goddesses" are no exception. One of them said they'd love to be married to Charlie. Ha! There's no room in the den for two women.

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