Rachel Oberlin, Natalie Kenly and Charlie Sheen: At Home with the Goddesses...

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Rachel Oberlin has already made it clear: she's living the dream!

How can this be the case, considering the porn star also known as Bree Olson shares Charlie Sheen with at least one other woman, Natalie Kenly?

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"I've always felt that a man should be able to be with as many women as he likes," the 24-year old says in the latest issue of People. "I've never had the opportunity to share that with any man before because, honestly, I don't think I've ever been with a man who was even deserving of that."

But isn't there competition with Kenly? Nope, Oberlin tells the magazine:

"Natty is totally chill and I'm totally chill and we're two completely different people. We connect with Charlie in different ways, so there's nothing really there to compete for. We're all pieces of a puzzle that fit together."

Missing from that puzzle all of a sudden? Sheen's two-year old sons, Bob and Max. They were taken away by authorities this week.

"I adore them," says Oberlin. "I'm just a really loving, passionate, compassionate person. My heart just goes out to children. I was playing with the boys [on Monday], and I was holding little Bob and I just didn't want to let him go. It was so cute."


Does she realize she could get AIDS??? Dumb ass bitches!


It looks like Charlie Sheen has Parkinson's disease. He looks and acts and has the same mannerisms as Michael J. Fox did when he first went public with his disease. Maybe that is part of the reason for his public insanity. He is sick from two difference diseases - alcoholism, and something serious like Parkinsons.


Does she realize this is a temporary lifestyle? She's gonna get sick of the other girl, she's gonna want kids of her own one day, & she's gonna be replaced with the next goddess Sheen falls for!


She's always felt that a man should be with as many woman as he likes? Wtf is wrong with you. You give a bad reputation for woman and a bad name for woman as well. You're living a fantasy land there sweetie.

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