Publicist: Heather Mills Lied About Paul McCartney, Tried to Rig Celebrity Apprentice

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A new report from a prominent publicist appears to confirm, with surprising details, a theory that The Hollywood Gossip has espoused for some time:

Heather Mills sucks.

Ugly Hair

Parapluie, a PR company that used to rep Paul McCartney's ex, says she made allegations about the music icon to the firm that they believe are lies.

Mills claimed, among other things, that McCartney was a drunk, drug-abusing wife beater. Parapule, who is suing Mills for back fees, says that's BS.

Legal documents state, Heather told one of the publicists, "I could kill [Paul], last night, he tried to choke me. The marriage is over." Lies, they say.

The firm also claims it got Mills an offer to star on Celebrity Apprentice, but Mills would only accept the gig if Donald Trump guaranteed she'd win.

Trump denied her request.

Parapluie also says Heather lied when she said all of the money she made from Dancing with the Stars would go to charity. Only a portion did.

The publicity company is suing for unpaid fees totaling $168,000.


I watched her on Shrink Rap with Dr Pamela Connolly last night. All I can say is, I found her really scary! Very disturbed - there's something quite sinister about her.


This woman operates under the guise of being a philanthropist. Everything she does is selfish. Remember she was gonna give DWTS money to charity? Same w/ divorce $. Never happened. She's a mean, twisted, vindictive, crazy person. Ugly to boot.


@pit buLL LOVER: Even though you are in the wrong story comment thread... I'll try to answer your question. It's called: "STEP OUT OF THE CAR MISS" ... (and *POOF* your now in public) !!! Basic training in the Academy.


how the FFFFF can it be PUBLIC intox. when she was in a freaking CAR with her boyfriend??? cops.....they get away with anything.
is it consider being in PUBIC when you are sitting in a car with someone?? just curious!!!


Wow people, its called Karma. You do bad things, and it WILL come back to bite you in the buttocks! I remember feeling bad for her when I heard Stella (Paul's daughter) was being really disrespectful towards her when they were married...but I guess Stella was right!


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Heather Mills loves money and attention. She married Paul McCartney and then divorced him in order to rake in the millions. An activist... More »
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I am trying to move on, spend time with my daughter and get on with my charitable work. It's been a terrible period for everyone.

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The public adore me... I haven't got a bad word to say about Paul... men are falling over themselves to ask me out... my only interest in life is helping others.

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