Pole Dancing For Jesus: Texas Girl Lives the Dream

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Working the pole. It's seductive, and also a workout. Classes have popped up all over the country in recent years, but none quite like this Texas one.


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    I don't get too worked about what is going on in the world anymore. Aferall, anything goes. Our society is becoming more perverse by the day. Pole daning for Jesus has me pretty worked up and I can only imagine how God feels. Now that we are sinking to this new level of degradation and disrepect I'm certain we are in the end times. God has been merciful to a nation who continues to blaspheme Him...He is also a God to be respected and feared. This church in Texas is sick, twisted and playing with fire...literally!


    like the girl in the video said it doesent matter what perople think GOD is the only opinion that matters...... she isnt doing trying to be sexy its a work out


    Matthew 24:5 "For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many." Along the same lines, you are claiming this is a Christian method of worship and it's not. You are severely deceived. Please read your bible!


    lol that is one church I would love to join


    To Amanda - you don't have to be a saint to believe in or worship Jesus. Maybe YOU should spend more time with your nose in your bible and out of people's business.


    omg seriously whats next? porn for jesus!?


    Price of fame dude! If you want to be famous and make millions of dollars before you are 20 expect the world to watch and judge you. It comes with the territory. If she don't want it, stop being and actress and singer. Go work as a teacher or banker. No one will bother her then! So rather then being a baby and whinning about it, Miley should embrace it and have fun with it. Who cares what the heck other people think! She's rich and famous and can do whatever she wants in life.

    No about this story, I think it's great what this woman is doing. Jesus is meant to empower people, give them health and strength and confidence in life. Only he can judge. If she is doing this in honor of Him, I say more power to her!!


    This woman just got free advertising. Crystal Deans is no saint, Her husband has been working as a DJ for over 20 years at strip clubs and her FRIEND in the video with the tattoo on her arm also has a husband in the adult industry.
    Her tattoo of Madusa NAKED on her side is clear on her website for all to see and yes its a sexual picture.. Knowing this family for the last 3 years, I have learned they are not what she is potraying.


    All sorts of real news happening in the world and FOX devotes 4+ minutes to this?!?!?!

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