Pia Toscano Plans Ahead

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She seemingly came out of nowhere, but Pia Toscano is here to stay.

The American Idol finalist, who received little air time prior to last week's sterling rendition of "I'll Stand By You," was thrust to the forefront of the competition after earning the first standing ovation of the season from the judges for her semifinal performance.

"I felt like I never really showed all that I could do on the show, and I'm so happy that I did save it for when it counted," Pia told MTV at last week's top 13 party. "I've grown so much as a person and as a vocalist throughout this competition, and I'm so happy that that was my moment to shine."

So, what can viewers expect to hear next from the artist, who will perform live tomorrow night? She says:

"I definitely want to have those big ballads. Since I was a little girl, I've always taken to those huge voices: Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey. So I definitely want to bring that back. But I also want to have those fun dance hits as well."

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You see, that is the reason pia was voted off. Yes, tons of people vote on idol, but in that tons of people are sharron, other girls like sharron, and those girls boyfriends. Its people like shannon that are jealous of a girl that is better than them in any way, mainly just looks tho-. So sharron, my guess is that you are an ok looking girl that thinks you are one of the best looking girls out there when your not at all.- unless u personally know pia, which I'm sure you don't, you have no right to say she's into herself. For all you know, she could be some shy girl, or someone who always gets introuble. My point is you don't judge a person until u know them. Anyway..enough said. I think pia had a great voice and maybe could have even been the new idol but we won't ever know that answer bc of people like sharron. That's just how most girls are, JEALOUS. Regardless tho, I'm sure shell still be famous in some way:) oh and sharron, your attitude makes you even uglier! Thanks for reading:)


Well, Shannon...looks like you got your wish...as if you know anything about Pia. You seem to be an expert on her character and personality. Regardless of your groundless OPINIONS, she was one of the two or three great vocalists in this season. I'd even go as far to say that she's one of the best female vocalists Idol has ever seen. Much more polished than just about every contestant that has ever competed. I just hope that she is given every opportunity that the lazy voters didn't.




She has great taste in music.
I think she has a really good chance to make dance hits and ballads like the Big Three.