Pia Toscano: Ballad Up!

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If it ain't broken, Pia Toscano isn't gonna fix it.

The American Idol finalist went back to the ballad well last night, covering Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" and doing it very well.

But might this incredible talent need to mix up her repertoire if she hopes to win it all? Randy thinks so, asking Pia to "switch gears" a bit, while J. Lo posed an interesting question: "What are you going to do to surprise us next week?"

With competition such as Lauren Alaina coming on strong, it's an interesting issue. Take in Pia's latest rendition below.

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All I have to say is u do not have to win AI to be a success. Past contestants have proved this. Why boycott AI, we the people voted or didn't vote. Good luck Pia. i will buy your first album.


Pia sings a million times better that Jlo....She is classic and her voice is amazing.....She is TOO MUCH quality to compete with a buch of wannabees for American Idol....American Idol is for people to improve and try to win...But Pia does not need improvement...She can be sitting as a judge anytime she wants...She is the next Celine Dion....don't feel sorry for her...Who laugh last laugh better!!!You will see, her career is not beginning...I will wait for her first album....


I have been an idol fan since the Kelly days. Last night a total disaster.
Paul Mcdonald vs Pia. No comparison! Pia vs the other contestants. No comparison. She is way beyond her fellow idol members. Have you heard some of her songs on You Tube. Amazing! She definitely will become the next American Idol. Without the A.I. stamp.
Oh, and I'm one of the many who will turn off idol for the rest of the season.
Tha't all I have to say about that.
Forrest Gump


The American voter is retarded. It has been proven many times


Kerry shutup r u deaf? And honestly no one likes italians, new yorkers and people r jealous


She's gone....everyone should boycott the show. You gotta have a voice and looks...she needed to work on her stage presence. She is a complete package and she will get something. I honestly didn't think she'd make it because she was too perfect. America knows what it wants. I think most voted against her. The panel was stunned and showed that they would have picked her to win...so I am done with it all....can't wait for Simon.


All the other performers are good, but Pia is GREAT!
Pia Toscano has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, and this includes the likes of Celine, Barbara, Whitney, Sissel, Ruthie Henshall, and Mariah. I judge a vocalist by their ability to give me goose bumps, and when Pia, Celine, and a very few others, hit just the right notes in a ballad that happens. If you took the time to hear some of the other things she done on American Idol it would be obvious, she can handle any song. She is number one right now because the ballads have allowed her to show the quality and range of her miraculous voice, and the feeling she puts into to each song. When was the last time you saw the judges on American Idol give a performer a standing ovation, never.


What nonsense. Why is that those who support others feel they must attack Pia to promote their singer? Pia is winning the battle on stage every week, no one is in her league. When I hear others criticize other singers for always singing country, or always singing high pitched rock or soul songs then it will be fair to criticize Pia for ballads. Every week she delivers Prime Rib while her distractor call for an occasional Hamburger. Get real, Pia will be the most successful singer of this season once all is said and done. Winning AI is not necessary since it has become little more than a popularity contest with 15 year old girls voting a hundred time each. The best singer rarely win and the deck is stacked against the girl singers. The 3 most sucessful winners of AI have all been females yet the men out number them 2 to 1. This season is stacking up the same, 6 males left with 3 girls. AI has become nonsense for teenie boopers.


Kerry what show are you watching pia' s the best one on the show if she wasn't there I'd be watch something else.


Pia has peaked her vocals in all her performances. I really picture her singing on a cruise ship and not American Idol. Yeah, she is pretty, but come on. Lauren is 6 years younger than she is and has more power in her voice already. Pia's performances are dull and she is way overrated. I've seen better vocals in lounges than this girl. She has performed each one of the songs she has done on Idol hundreds of times from her professional wedding singer band. I think she should stick with singing for weddings or maybe call a cruise line instead.

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