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Actress Jane Russell, a controversial Hollywood sex symbol best known for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and other works, has died at the age of 89.

The voluptuous star of 1940s and 1950s movies, a pinup girl in an age before pinup girls, died of respiratory failure at home in Santa Maria, Calif.

While she carried many films, she was arguably at her best in comedies that, subtly or not, spoofed her sexpot image and focused on her figure.

She could also carry a tune, as this vintage clip attests ...

It was eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes who discovered Russell and put her in a movie, The Outlaw. She went onto achieve decades of success.

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These women don’t judge me. They don’t lead with opinion. They don’t lead with their own needs all the time. They’re honest enough to tell me, ‘Hey, look... park your nonsense. You gotta help me solve this.’ And we solve it. - Charlie Sheen on his "goddesses"

With such profound words about Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson, we know what many readers out there are thinking: I'd love to have sex with these awesome women!

Even if you could, however, Sheen has made it clear that he's winning. You are not. Therefore, you'd like only be able to get your hands (and any other body part) on either Kenly or Olson. Which would you choose? That's the pressing question you can vote on here:

And the Winner is?

Which of Charlie Sheen's goddesses would you prefer to rail? Natalie Kenly or Bree Olson? View Poll »

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A new report from a prominent publicist appears to confirm, with surprising details, a theory that The Hollywood Gossip has espoused for some time:

Heather Mills sucks.

Ugly Hair

Parapluie, a PR company that used to rep Paul McCartney's ex, says she made allegations about the music icon to the firm that they believe are lies.

Mills claimed, among other things, that McCartney was a drunk, drug-abusing wife beater. Parapule, who is suing Mills for back fees, says that's BS.

Legal documents state, Heather told one of the publicists, "I could kill [Paul], last night, he tried to choke me. The marriage is over." Lies, they say.

The firm also claims it got Mills an offer to star on Celebrity Apprentice, but Mills would only accept the gig if Donald Trump guaranteed she'd win.

Trump denied her request.

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In what can be deemed as an incident any celebrity gossip follower could have easily seen coming, Christina Aguilera was arrested early this morning for public intoxication.

According to TMZ, the singer was booked around 3 a.m. at the West Hollywood police station for the misdemeanor offense, while boyfriend Matt Rutler was also processed on charges of drunk driving. His bail was set at $30,000.

Matt Rutler and Christina Aguilera

It's been a troubling few months for Aguilera, as friends have been concerned over her downward spiral since her divorce from Jordan Bratman.

Aside from her memorably embarrassing national anthem mishap at the Super Bowl, Christina has most recently been accused of having sex with Rutler during a family gathering.

Cops reportedly pulled Rutler over this morning after they noticed him driving erratically. Sources say Aguilera acted "extremely intoxicated" and was "unable to take care of herself."

UPDATE: Says Sgt. Michael Thomas of West Hollywood Sheriff's Department: "Aguilera was taken into custody "for her own safety. It's kind of a welfare 'arrest.' Not a criminal arrest. She was intoxicated - too much to be in public. No one was available to take care of her, because the person she was with was arrested for drunk driving. When it's determined she's sober, she'll be released."

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When Paul McDonald takes to the stage tonight on American Idol, he'll likely be less nervous than any of the other 11 male semifinalists.

That's because the 26-year old from Nashville has already recorded multiple albums with his band, The Grand Magnolias, and toured a bit around the country. The artist has more experience than most in the competition.

Will that result in a well-polished performance? We'll soon find out. For now, watch McDonald talk about his group and listen to him sing the same original song that he used on an earlier audition, "American Dreams."

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Who knows if it will persuade the D.A., but a surveillance video at least partially backs up Lindsay Lohan's account of her infamous, alleged jewel thievery.

The accused felon was in no hurry to bolt Kamofie & Company the day she allegedly ganked the thing, blabbing with the owner for a bit before peacing out.

According to sources who have watched the tape, Lohan wore the $2,500 necklace she's accused of stealing almost the entire time she was in the store.

Casing the Joint?

What goes on in the mind of Lindsay Lohan? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Video clearly shows Lindsay trying on the necklace, checking herself out in the mirror, and appearing to ask her friend and the owner for their opinion.

There is no audio on the tape. Reports say Lindsay took off her own necklace to try on the store's necklace, which she never took off in 45 minutes.

According to sources, before walking out of the store, Lindsay put her own necklace back on, but not in a way that obstructed the store's necklace.

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Charlie Sheen has spoken out once again.

In his latest interview - following sit-downs with NBC, ABC and TMZ - the actor appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday and touched on a number of topics.

Has he ever hit a woman? "No, women are not to be hit. They're to be hugged and caressed, you know?"

What about the incident with Brooke Mueller in Colorado and Capri Anderson in NYC? "The Aspen thing was thrown out. The judge was like, get this guy out of my county, he brings too much press with him... and then the police report in New York just didn't reflect anything."

Did Mel Gibson really call? "He was not calling for any advice, just like, 'thought you might like to hear a friendly voice.' He was a stone cold dude. I was really impressed."

(Editor's note: this is the first time in recorded history that someone has described Gibson's voice as "friendly." Allow us this counterpoint.)

Below, Sheen offers his take on John Stamos as a possible replacement for him and also hands Morgan a copy of his most recent drug test. Really...

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Spencer Pratt is a known loser. Still, he wants to be part of Charlie Sheen's WINNING! team so bad that he'll be the actor's new publicist for free.

After Sheen's long-time PR man, Stan Rosenfield, quit this past, Spencer has come out of the woodwork, offering to help Sheen mend his image.

We wouldn't hold our breath, Spencer. Then again, it's Charlie Sheen. Bets are off. We know he's a role model, but he's an unpredictable one!

Scraggly Ass Beard

Spencer to Charlie: Let me use your scandal for attention help you!

Pratt, who's married to Heidi Montag, says, "I want to be Charlie Sheen's new publicist. I am offering to be his media point man. I have great contacts with media outlets and will work for free just to be part of his winning team."

Taking media advice from Spencer Pratt is a like getting romantic tips from Mel Gibson, but we're sure Charlie appreciates anyone reaching out to him.

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March 1 marks the birthday of two musical icons for the 21st century.

We've already wished the very best to Justin Bieber, who turns 17 today. Now, we're here to do the same for Ke$ha, a woman who put the dollar sign back into first names and who put James Van Der Beek in her latest music video.

Not gifted with best singing voice on the planet, Ke$ha still knows how to entertain. Watch her rock out in Chicago below and send in happy birthday wishes to this star right now. If you're looking for a present, we hear she likes Jack Daniels and glitter...

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Revealed during The Bachelor last night, the cast of Dancing With the Stars is a little sub-par. Well, at least in terms of people guaranteed to generate buzz.

Kendra Wilkinson aside, there's not a lot of excitement to be found with this crew. At least for now. Perhaps talent will have to carry the day ... for once.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff

Come to think of it, maybe the show can recapture past magic. Bristol Palin and the like sort of turned it into unintentional (albeit ratings gold) comedy.

Here's the Dancing With the Stars Spring 2011 cast ...

  1. Petra Nemcova. Supermodel, survivor of 2004 tsunami.
  2. Chelsea Kane. Disney star. Best known for hJONAS. Partner: Mark Ballas.
  3. Kendra Wilkinson. Playbody model, reality star. Partner: Louis van Amstel.
  4. Wendy Williams. Talk show host, media magnate. Partner: Tony Dovolani.
  5. Kirstie Alley. Actress. Weight loss person. Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
  6. Chris Jericho. WWE star. Partner: Cheryl Burke.
  7. Romeo. Formerly Lil' Romeo. Parnter: Chelsie Hightower.
  8. Hines Ward. NFL star. Partner: Kym Johnson.
  9. Sugar Ray Leonard. Former boxing great. Partner: Anna Trebunskaya.
  10. Ralph Macchio. The Karate Kid! Partner: Karina Smirnoff.
  11. Mike Catherwood. Radio personality.

What do you think of the cast? Are you excited about a new, more drama-free season of Dancing With the Stars? Share your comments below.

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