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Has Lindsay Lohan agreed strip down buck naked for a full-frontal photo spread in a "sex book" with James Franco of all people? That's the rumor going around.

A rumor LiLo flatly denies, calling the whole idea "gross."

Lohan tells friends she'd NEVER do a sex book despite reports she signed a multi-million dollar deal to pose with Franco in a series of "graphic" nude photos for a Madonna-esque book with photographer Terry Richardson.

Why would we ever assume Lindsay Lohan would pose nude?!

However, according to a TMZ report, Lohan HAS agreed to a milder photo shoot with Richardson ... in a book about the "glamor and history" of Hollywood.

No word if Franco is involved in that shoot as well, but it'd probably be a better career move than hosting the Oscars. Man, was he ever terrible on Sunday.

Sex book or no sex book, LiLo is no stranger to risque photo shoots. Click to enlarge some of the more provocative Lindsay Lohan pictures in question ...

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The top 12 men got the semifinal round of American Idol off the a VERY strong start last night. Diverse and talented, the group made it a pleasure to live blog the 90 minute show.

While we'd accept arguments on behalf of Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk or Paul McDonald as best of the night, our vote goes to James Durbin. A rocker whose confidence, range and overall personal is reminiscent of Adam Lambert, Durbin was nothing if not original.

He actually performed the first-ever Judas Priest single on the show, belting out a version of "You've Got Another Thing Comin'." Are we looking at the next American Idol? Or at least an early favorite? Watch and decide for yourself:

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Is Olivia Wilde already moving on with a Hollywood hunk?

Three weeks after the Tron: Legacy star her split from her husband, Italian prince Tao Ruspoli, she was spotted walking hand-in-hand with Ryan Gosling!

Tournament of THG Couples Bracket

The scene was a Cincinnati aquarium. Gosling is in the southern Ohio city to film The Ides of March alongside George Clooney and Evan Rachel Wood.

They were really there, too. A nervous fan captured the actors on film and uploaded the video on YouTube account. The video has since been removed.

Probably for the best, since that's kind of a stalker move.

Anyway, Wilde, 26, has been spotted acting flirty with Blue Valentine star Gosling, 30, in the past, most recently at a Golden Globes after party Jan. 16.

As for why she got divorced, a friend said: "For the typical Hollywood reasons: Her career exploded and she saw being married as not much fun."

Well, there you go. Hope it works out with Ryan, O.

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Every Charlie Sheen interview and quote is more hilarious than the previous one, until we're forced to remember: the guy is a father of five. He's somehow been the primary parent of two-year old twins during the last few weeks of partying and ranting.

But that's no longer the case. Hours after Brooke Mueller successfully filed a restraining order against her ex-husband, authorities arrived at Sheen's house last night and took little Bob and Max into custody.

Charlie Sheen Twit Pic

Charlie Sheen is now on Twitter, as evidenced by this photo of him and Rachel Oberlin, as well as this message: My sons are fine ... My path is now clear .... Defeat is not an option!

With Mueller in a day treatment facility for substance abuse, her mother will be in charge of the twins while the restraining order - which forbids Sheen from going within 100 yards of his kids - is in place.

In her legal declaration, Brooke alleges that Sheen recently said to her: "I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom." She also claims Charlie threatened her with a penknife on February 23.

"I am very concerned that [Sheen] is currently insane," Mueller wrote in the document. "I am in great fear that he will find me and attack me and I am in great fear for the children's safety while in his care."

Both Mueller and Sheen are required to attend a March 22 hearing that will determine whether or not to extend the restraining order.

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With each episode of The Real Housewives Of Miami, we find ourselves loathing the six self-important women more. And yet we meet again to recap last night's devilry.

Are these floozies growing on us? Are we starting to dislike some more than others?

Could Lea have covered the Texas twins up a bit more? Come, weary readers. Let us support one another as we try to make sense of Andy Cohen's latest masterpiece.

First off, it's essential that we touch upon Marysol's weekly intro. The camera captures her. She turns. She looks. She brings her finger to her cheek and... there you have it. The (temporary) face of a winner.

We're starting to see alliances form between cast members. It looks like Adriana and Alexia are finding common ground because they both need people to recognize that they can be both socialites and semi-working women.

Latina Lohan (Christy) and Larsa don't have that problem because they don't get the concept of maternal guilt. You can't wear a postage stamp while running after your own kids, riiiiight? Neglect is key to looking as slorish as Larsa and Christy do.

So it's divided into two teams: The mean girls (Christy and Larsa) and the women who think they're busier than they really are (Adriana and Alexia). Scenario: You're dining a la crock pot, when your child calls for a ride home from school.

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Charlie Sheen may be granting time to every media outlet in the country (Chuck, call us!), but there's one person the crazed actor won't be speaking to:

Brooke Mueller. She has been granted a restraining order, TMZ reports. Los Angeles Superior Court has banned the star from going within 100 yards away of his ex-wife. He also cannot have any contact with her.

  • Charlie Sheen Exiting CNN
  • Mueller

Why the sudden filing, considering Mueller was just on vacation with Sheen, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenley in the Bahamas? She claims the drug aficionado threatened her several times over the past couple days.

Sheen isn't too broken up about the news, telling the site: "Great.  I was already planning on staying 100 parsecs away from her."  (A parsec translates to 3.26 light years.)

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Welcome to THG's first American Idol live blog of season 10. With the top dozen men taking to the stage tonight and singing for your vote, we're here to offer commentary and insight along the way.

Leave comments, refresh often for updates and let's do this...

8:07 Contestants can choose any song they wish, Ryan tells us. Kicking the show off? Clint Jun Gamboa, karaoke host extraordinaire. He chooses "Superstition" and concludes with a scream that would make Steven Tyler proud. He gets two "brilliants," one from Tyler, one from Randy.

Not exactly constructive words from the judges. They're off to a rough start.

  • Jordan Dorsey on Stage
  • Tim Halperin  on Stage
  • Brett Loewenstern on Stage
  • Scotty McCreery Photo
  • Stefano Langone Photo
  • Paul McDonald Photo
  • Jacob Lusk Photo
  • Casey Abrams on Stage

8:14 Jovany Barreto abs alert! Over-played song choice alert! Jovany goes with Edward McCain's "I'll Be." I found it bland. Tyler found it... "Holy shipyards!" J. Lo is "happy" because Barreto "did it." Randy actually says something worthwhile for once, telling Jovany he brought nothing original to the performance. True dat, dawg.

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Montana Fishburne has settled her criminal battery case.

Chippy pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon, battery and trespass in an attack on her boyfriend's ex, but was given 180 days in rehab.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

Her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was fighting for this sentence, over objections of prosecutors, who wanted the now infamous sex tape star to do hard time. 

Laurence Fishburne's daughter escaped with no jail time.

Holley claimed the prosecutor initially agreed to rehab, but then reneged on the deal, demanding jail instead. But Holley was victorious in court today.

Montana has been in rehab for five months already, so most likely that counts toward that 180 days and she'll be free to fornicate on tape again soon.

Thank goodness.

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In the latest edition of As Charlie Sheen's Hilariously Troubled World Turns...

Brooke Mueller has responded to the video that depicts her young twins hanging around Sheen's "goddesses" and taken action to wrestle physical custody of them from her ex-husband. One problem, according to TMZ?

She went to the wrong police station to do so.

Out of Work Star

Sheen's lawyer, Marty Singer, has fired off a letter to Warner Bros. and CBS that demands Sheen gets paid for the full season of Two and a Half Men, lest these companies face legal action. It reads:

"Warner Bros. made it clear they wanted Charlie back for two more years, even with the prospect that he could go to jail. They made a deal with him while the charges were pending. But now that Charlie made some disparaging comments about the show runner who had refused to work... they made a decision not to proceed with the show this year. It's outrageous."

On its own, that statement actually makes a solid argument.

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Katie Holmes is seeking damages of $50 million from American Media, the owner of celebrity gossip tabloid Star, based on a recent cover story.

The lawsuit, over a cover extreme even by Star standards, takes issue with reports that Katie is on drugs, and was filed in federal court in L.A.

Star's "vicious lies about plaintiff, designed to hype sales of a sleazy tabloid magazine, were calculated to cause severe harm," reads the suit.

Katie Holmes Drug Shocker!

DRUG SHOCKER: The shocker is that they printed this!

"The average reader (would invariably) believe that plaintiff has become shockingly addicted to drugs. There is no other way to understand them."

The suit continues: "The cover even created the false impression that, but for plaintiff's nightmare drug addiction, she would 'leave' her husband."

In a statement, AMI said it stood behind the story in Star, which also raised eyebrows for reporting Jason Trawick beat up Britney Spears last year.

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