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Camille Grammer is definitely returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But the show is still seeking a new, irritating, spoiled woman to come on board, and an insider tells E! News it has zeroed in on two contenders: Faye Resnick and Ayda Field.

"If I were to put money on it," the source says. "I would say Ayda will be the new cast member."

Ayda Field Picture

So, who is Ayda Field?

She is the daughter of a movie producer and actually studied law at Columbia University. But she dropped out to pursue an acting career that has taken her from Days of Our Lives to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. She is married to British pop star Robbie Williams.

A rep for Field confirms his client has been "approached," while Resnick will show up again on season two no matter what. Says someone in the know:

"Faye is shooting for the show already because she is an actual friend of the cast. It is still unclear if Faye will remain a friend or become a central character on the show."

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Carrie Ann Inaba just got engaged on live TV, but is there a Dancing With the Stars coverup in the works regarding Kirstie Alley's first wedding?

Star says so. Pretty much guaranteed to be important and true, right?

Kirstie has emerged as a favorite on the show early on, but there's one routine she'd rather forget, the tabloid reports ... her secret first marriage!

Her marriage to Bob Alley ended when - gasp - she left him for another man. This was like 40 years ago. Not exactly riveting celebrity gossip, Star ...


In other news, there's extreme surgery, cocaine and pills going on. Who knew DWTS was such a hotbed for scandal and not just Maksim Chmerkovskiy dating rumors?

Also, that's a pretty harsh diss, Camilla. Good pun, but harsh.

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She always has something to say to contestants on Dancing with the Stars, but  Carrie Ann Inaba was left speechless this morning.

That's because boyfriend Jesse Sloan proposed to Inaba - while she was guest hosting Live with Regis and Kelly!

The event went down during the closing minutes of the show, as Regis Philbin pretended to answer a viewer's question about how to most romantically pop the question to his girlfriend. From there, the lights dimmed, violinists appeared, Sloan entered... and see the tears flow below:

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Kim Zolciak is ready to blow. Because she's very pregnant? Sure.

But mostly because she's just so darn angry at castmate NeNe Leakes.

"NeNe has problems. I never want to speak to her again," Zolciak told Life & Style this week, following the "Free Sweetie" radio campaign launched by Leakes, in which she hands out t-shirts/posters on behalf of Zolciak's assistant.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim and NeNe often got into it over the former's treatment of Sweetie, as Zolciak says of the campaign: "It's disgusting."

Baby Drama Alert!

Leakes, who is engaged in a separate feud with Star Jones, is simply a "liar," Kim tells the tabloid. And Kim has "a problem with liars."

How does NeNe feel about her Bravo rival? She makes it clear when asked about Zolciak's impending child: "I'm not interested in seeing the baby, and I have no plans to send a gift. Absolutely no plans at all."

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Things looked bleak on the After The Final Rose special, but Brad Womack and Emily Maynard swore they were still together and in this for the long haul.

The doubters may be proven wrong after all.

According to Life & Style, Emily Maynard has decided to make the move from North Carolina to Texas with her 5-year-old daughter, Ricki, to be with Brad!

Guess that movie date really won Ricki over ...

Emily, Brad and Pimp

Brad and Emily pose with their handsome Bachelor pimp.

"She feels like the best thing to do is to give this a real shot and put her heart into it by moving to Austin for the summer," an insider close to Emily said.

"She's going to get her own condo there. She's not moving in with him."

As for why Brad didn't move to Charlotte? It was his non-negotiable:

"Love is a compromise, but that's the only thing I was adamant about. I have some strong roots there. I don't want to relocate. I have a career in Austin."

What do you think? Will he and Emily make it?


[Photo: ABC]

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Jacob Lusk has a tendency to be overly dramatic on American Idol. It's what has made this season 10 finalist a polarizing singer.

It's also what concerned Jimmy Iovine last night, as the producer was afraid Lusk's style would negatively affect his cover of "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" and Jacob might "blow the whole thing."

J. Lo thought the rendition was "beautiful," while Steven Tyler said both halves of the song just "blew me away." Do you agree? Or was there almost too much emotion in this performance? Watch and decide.

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In music and in fashion, Britney Spears is back on top.

She’s not renowned for stepping out in high-fashion threads (she prefers the hooded sweatshirt and jeans look, y'all), but she sure looks the part if she tries.

Case in point? Sexy ensembles from Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana in a new set of promotional ads for the company. See Britney Spears pictures below:

  • Britney For D&G
  • Dolce Gal
  • Gabbaba Girl
  • Britney Ad For Dolce & Gabbana

“We love Britney Spears and we love to dance to her new songs! We can’t wait to hear the whole album,” the design duo told the Telegraph (UK).

“She has always been among our favourite artists because she has been able to remain true to herself and to her style throughout the years."

"With her music she influenced and inspired generations of people for more than 10 years, and we can’t but congratulate her for this achievement.”

Indeed. She looks a little confused in the first image above, but that's pretty much par for the course these days. Confused but oh-so-sensual.

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Teen Wolf is coming to MTV.

As teased in the first trailer for this upcoming drama, the network is updating the Michael J. Fox film from the 1980s, airing 12 episodes of a series that features Tyler Posey as a newly-bitten high school student.

An extended preview for the show has been released, causing viewers to wonder: Will this be a success along the lines of Twilight or The Vampire Diaries? Or an embarrassing, unnecessary remake? Get a taste of what premieres on June 5 and decide for yourself...

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Speaking out against claims by Brittany Maggard that she profited from beating Britany Truett to a pulp, Jenelle Evans says she did nothing of the sort.

Did not profit, that is. Jenelle delivered a beating, alright.

Monday, the Teen Mom 2 star was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct after TMZ posted a video of her beating up Truett.

Jenelle Beats Up Britany

Now, the MTV reality star claims that Brittany Maggard, who instigated the fight with Truett, was the one who turned a profit with the shocking tape.

Evans charges that Maggard sold off the clip to the media for $45,000. "She told me herself and I got very upset," Evans told E! "I cried for two hours."

Maggard was arrested for violating probation (stemming from a previous assault conviction) after the video showed her encouraging Jenelle to fight.

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Eminem and Rihanna? Rolling in their graves.

Yes, we know they're not actually dead. But they might wish they were after watching the OFFICIAL music video for Invisalign. Its name: "Love Invisalign."

Love the way you lie. Love Invisalign. Clever as that play on words is, it can't salvage this attempt at rapping. It's like the dental equivalent of adult braces.

BRACE yourself (har har) for the awfulness below:

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