Old Country, New Adventures: Jersey Shore Cast Stoked For Season 4 in Italy

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With the dust settling after an emotional Jersey Shore season finale, all eyes are on Italy, where Season 4 of the MTV show will be filmed as early as mid-April.

Having just delivered the best ratings of the three seasons so far, fans are clamoring for more, blowing up the web for news about the fourth season already.

We can tell you for a fact that a new season will happen, it will be filmed in Italy, it will air later this year and has already exasperated plenty of people there.

Jersey Shore Season 3 Cast

Already bombarded with sordid tales of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s soirees with young women, now Italians have to deal with Jersey Shore? Gonna be rough.

MTV is scouting locations in Italy for Jersey Shore's fourth season, which has rankled Italian-American groups. Over there, peeps are just bemused and irritated.

“That’s the last thing we need,” one prominent Italian-American commentator told the Wall Street Journal about the prospect of the cast's trip to the motherland.

They'd better get used to it ... and hide their young daughters. According to MTV News, the cast members of the show are eagerly anticipating the European trip.

Culture shock seems inevitable. Having grown up with wine at the dinner table, most Italians tend to drink in moderation. They also take pride in ... social tact.

Whether America's image can be repaired afterward is unclear, but we'll find out either way. There is clearly no going back now, and the guidos/ettes are stoked.

“For some reason, I really want to go on a gondola ride,” Deena Cortese said.

“Or I would like if we’re in Rome, I'd like to see the love fountain. I’m thinking I’ll steal a coin … maybe I’ll fall in love.” We can only hope, D. We can only hope.

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@capri is a whore -
It is not what people watch/like on TV that is the ruination of America. It is people, such as yourself, that never can type a grammatical & punctual error-free comment. In otherwords; illiterate. PS. It is also quite obvious that you have failed to learned to never take the Lord's name in vein.


I love pauly d and vinny but the whole cast is great they seem to be good people an I would hate for the show to cancel!!!


JERSEY JERSEY JERSEY (fistpumping motion) lmaooo i swear i wish i could be in that house..lol i would have so much damn fun..i dont get how u can hate the entire show..i mean some times they can b air heads but we all got alittle bit of that mayb some have more air then others lol but that just makes the person...im am sooo stouked for season 4 HOLLLLLLA AT ME.....THEY ARE IN ITALY lmaoooooo who else can pull it off BUT THE JERSEY SHORElove u guys ;)


Im going to try to cast for season 5 if they do it in the united states. i will be 32 and can easily pass as a 23 year old. i look young and loving it.


the people here that say they LOVE the show. YOUR whats wrong with america. Give your fucking head a shake. jesus.


I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Jersey Shore.Love all the kids.


Europe have mtv too, and we watch jersey shore! I'm from Norway and I love the show! Can't wait for season 4! :)


im not ganna like seson 4


Of course we know Jersey Shore. Internet reaches Europe also, you know.
Its going to be interesting ... like always.


I can't wait. I'm totally excited for season 4 to start. Just getting tired of the Ronnie-Sammi drama. Other than that, I love this show. -.-