Oksana Grigorieva to Sue Mel Gibson For All Kinds of Stuff; Probably Vice Versa

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Despite Mel Gibson's no contest plea to battery last week, Oksana Grigorieva plans to file a lawsuit alleging battery, emotional distress and defamation.

Sources close to Gibson say he will wage legal war if Oksana does so. Forget settling out of court ... it is ON like legal Donkey Kong this time around.

Oksana G.

The actor will "gladly" file his own lawsuit against the woman he says put a $15 million price on the Mel Gibson tapes in return for keeping quiet.

It could be just beginning for Mel and Oksana ...

Oksana's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, said "our position hasn't changed" regarding Mel's no contest plea and her plans to sue for myriad damages.

This looming lawsuit likely played a huge role in Mel's no contest plea on misdemeanor battery charges, for which he will serve no jail time.

Pleading no contest subjected him to similar sentencing as a plea of guilty, but there was no admission of guilt that will bolster her claims.

Basically, he denied her account before, he's likely to keep denying it now, and Daniel Horowitz and Blair Berk are going to bill a lot of hours.

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This woman needs to go away. Mel has issues with anger, but they seemed to be fueled by alcohol. He has been a terrific dad for many years and I see no reason to believe he won't be the same with this child. Team Mel!!!


If Oksana files a Civil suit, it will be on her own dime. Mr. Gibson has had to pay fees for her attorneys in custody case. But not for this civil suit. Horowitz only works for money, Will He work pro-bono for Oksana. I doubt it.


What a money-hungry scavenger.

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