Off Target: Lady Gaga Ends Partnership With Chain Over Donations to Anti-Gay Group

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You don't mess with Lady Gaga. Especially when it comes to gay issues.

The singer reportedly dissolved a deal with Target over its political donations to MN Forward, a political action group that supported an anti-gay candidate.

When Target didn't cut ties with that organization, Gaga pulled the plug.

Beautiful Gaga

If there's one thing that will set Lady Gaga off ...

Tom Emmer, who campaigned for governor of Minnesota in 2010 (he lost), supported a Christian rock organization that advocated violence against gays and supported a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

The deal, which included an exclusive expanded edition of her forthcoming album Born This Way, was contingent upon Target supporting LGBT charities.

Sources close to Gaga say she was not thrilled with the deal from the get-go, but had hoped to use her leverage in the agreement to push the company to redeem itself for having supported MN Forward and other anti-gay groups.

The details of the broken deal have not yet been made public, but it looks like it's over and done with. What do you think? Did Gaga make the right call?


Just like Lady Gaga has the right to support gays, Target has the right to oppose gays. Freedom of Speech. Which one is wrong? It doesn't matter. I used to like Lady Gaga but I don't like her 'if your not with me your against me attitude'.


mikeyv, you're the one that needs to wake up. Level-headed people don't think it's ok for others to dislike or be anti-anything that isn't infringing upon the rights of others. It's unfortunate that this civil rights issue is taking so long to be corrected, but progress is being made and folks like mikeyv will be left with their heads up their asses. Can't wait until those folks die off.


I think Target should be glad she is gone. I think Target has set the bar for other companies to see it is OK to be anti-gay. I guess some of you people out there don't think it is right for others to dislike gays. So get you head out of your asses, and wake up to the real world.


She believes in something, she stands her ground... that's what everyone should do!


Of course she was right! In this day and age there shouldn't be anyone supporting anti gay groups, everyone has the right to live the life they want and no one should be able to keep them down. GAGA FOREVER


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