New Selena Gomez Single: Listen, React Now!

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Selena Gomez isn't letting a few crazed Justin Bieber fans slow her down.

Having debuted officially as Justin's girlfriend at the Oscars, Gomez continues to receive threats from misguided Believers. But the young singer is moving full speed ahead with her career. She released the single "Who Says" on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today.

Says Selena of the track: “I feel like my fans need the song right now. Twitter and Facebook are really negative for me... within that world is such easy access to people’s feelings. Basically it’s to the haters, the people trying to bring you down.”

Listen to the song below and sound off: What do you think?

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I love selena!!!she is so down to earth,casual, and stays true to her self!!!i have a feeling shes going to make it BIG!!!(More than she already did)


She is such a lovely girl. All of those crazy Bieber fans need to lay off. If he likes her shouldn't those crazy fans respect his choice. Booooo to all those crazies giving this sweet girl a hard time.


wow she is so beautiful! i havent heard many of her songs but she has a great image & is someone i would be glad to have my 3 year old daughter look up to *^_^*


I'm not a fan of selena gomez but i don't hate her either. it cant be easy to get threats and stuff like that just 4 dating a guy.
This song is pretty good my best friend loves her and of the songs i have heard this one is the best...


She can't sing, but her acting is ok and she gets prettier as she gets older.


Im not a big fan of Selena or any celebrities but i dont hate them cause they are like anybody and nothing special. The new music from Selena is in the begining nice and its a diffrent style of Selenas songs.


she SUCKS as always!!


I love Selena, such a sweet good girl!! Good Luck honey!!!


I love Selana!! She always seems so real and true to herself, and I think she sticks with that image in this song - love it, love her!


iiiiiiii love selena !!! and the song ¨who says¨ is beautifull !!!!!!