NeNe Leakes vs. Star Jones: It's On...

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The latest season of Celebrity Apprentice may have debuted last night, but NeNe Leakes didn't wait until the premiere to tell the world how she feels about Star Jones.

"Star's not nice," Leakes said on The Talk last week. "Anybody who has ever worked with her would side with me. She's not a nice person. She's a witch... with a 'b' in front."

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Describing Jones as a "back stabber," Leakes added during a conference call with reporters: "There are a lot of people who don't like Star, so I won't be the only one."

Possible 2012 Presidential nominee/reality show host Donald Trump must love this contrived feud, which can only ratchet up ratings for his beloved show.

Where does Jones stand on the rivalry? She told journalists:

"I did Celebrity Apprentice to raise money and awareness for the American Heart Association, which has been instrumental in my life, not to see it reduced to a cliché where black women attack one another for publicity's sake. I haven't made any comments in hopes that she would remember that we all participated in this show for charity and not as a vehicle to promote ourselves and such hatred. I was clearly wrong and I decided to finally respond."


While Star does come off as a bit pretentious, manipulative, and annoying, the facts are that this is for charity. NeNe is not famous, and to me, specifically, looked like she was using her size and loud confrontational voice to bully everyone, and be as outlandish as possible. Nene is not famous. We all have to remember that. The show she was on was never even broadcast outside of the Atlanta Market, so she is famous in her own mind. This was about pub to her, and I think Star called her on it. I loved when Trump talked about her as a loser and a quitter, because, again, the charity is why she was supposed to be there. It was an amateur move, made by an amateur reality pseudo star. I do not fault Jones for taking the high road one bit. If you try to argue with a skunk, they will always simply lift a leg and spray you with stinky stuff. Jones has no advantage to allowing to continue further.


Nene has the IQ of a lettuce and it shows!


Hey, I'm no longer of fan of NeNe but I'd have to side with her on this one, because Star Jones is a nasty piece of work. Now I understand why Star was fired from The View. She does not play well with others. She's an overinflated, grandiose, manipulative, creepy kind of person. Don't know if I'll watch the rest of the show because I don't enjoy watching her.

Wv peach

I wish somebody would slap the taste out of NeNe's mouth! I think we have all had enough of this crass idiot.


I think maybe nene has a secret crush on star jones!

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