Naima Adedapo: Dancing in the Street, On the Stage

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Make it your own. Do something unique. Put a fresh twist on it.

How often have we heard American Idol judges utter these words to contestants over the years? Considering such requests, Naima Adedapo put on one of the most impressive performance of last night with "Dancing in the Streets."

She incorporated horns and percussion instruments and broke it down at one point with her own style of moving and shaking. There was a tribal element to the rendition, helping it stand out and leading to the following critique from Randy:

"Finally, tonight, all of Naima showed up - the girl that loves all the African dance... the reggae girl... the singing. Everything was very smart that you did."

Do you agree?

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Like Harry Connick,Jr. said,"There is no such thing as "pitchy." That is such a vague term anyway. This performance was the first time I saw real star quality in Naima. The dancing was definitely a plus! How many times do we hear the judges say that the contestant needs to use up the space? She did it quite well with something she is quite good at. To incorporate one talent with another,such as the singing,is awesome! It is not just a singing competition,it is a total talent competition with singing as the major factor,but there is everything else about a person's performance that counts also.


I definitely LOVED it! I felt like Randy, I was stoked that she finally managed to put it all together. This was her time, and she pulled it off. I find it interesting how so many people just don't get her. She's definitely a unique and exotic flower, and its true that often times exotic can mean different, and many just can't seem to see past that. For me, I want something more than just the cookie cut vanilla bland same same old same old teeny bopper hearthrob slash power ballad diva. I want me something EXOTIC. For all of us who believe in her, we need to pull together annd make sure she doesn't end up in the bottom again. VIVA NAIMA ! ! !


major props to this astounding performer, the exotic flower in a rose garden. her moves are appealing to see and glued me to my seat. and although she always take raps from people for being pitchy, she actually nailed the song better than martha and the vandellas in my opinion. there were two verses where she hit a much higher note and sustained it. naima all the way!


I think that was an awesome performance and yes it is a singing competition but that is not the only thing that counts..she has the whole package..she is like a breath of fresh air; very unique!!
Naima has my votes all the way!


I only noticed 2 brief pitch issues w/Naima which were quickly adjusted, but I also noticed the same for Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams... so no big deal. Naima rocked it, like a professional. The bottom line is who would you pay to see and hear after all this is over. If you check out the MP3s of the vox, Naima nails it and is dead on in pitch (already downloaded them); and her performance is straight up entertaining. She's already where some contestants need to go.. so she has my vote. I can't wait to see what she does next :)


I dont think she has the American idol touch. She should be in a Broadway musical!!!!!! It' s DEFINITELY A NO!!!!


didn't like the performance at all. I get what she was trying to do, but it's a singing competition not a dancing one. I don't mind the dancing at all, but her voice is not strong & she is to use the favorite American Idol quote "pitchy".


Hey, Grey...the song was about dancing, and the arrangement had a strong tribal beat to it. What did you expect Naima to do? Stand there like a tree stump?


I thought she was great! One of the most unique AND interesting contestants on this season. And I thought that last night's performance was one of her best vocals, the problem was it kept her in the low end of her register for the most part and I think that's not her best attribute vocally, but she made it interesting. And @Grey and everyone else who always pulls the "singing competition card", all season long they talk about looking for great singers, the judges are constantly bashing it in out heads that its a singing competition, but America votes, which means its more of a popularity contest. You have to be more than a good singer, you have to be a good performer and have that star quality that makes people want to see more. In all the years I've watched this show, the best vocalist rarely wins, its always the person who sticks in the minds of more viewers, a.k.a. the most interesting.


No! I do not agree. How could anybody agree with that? He said, "all of Naima showed up - the girl that loves . . " I do not believe that she is a robot. She seems to be a human being. So, the girl "who" loves . . . Would make sense.

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