Miley Cyrus Returns to Twitter!!!!!

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She's back, folks.

In October 2009, Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account, saying she wanted a bit more of a private life. What has changed now? It's unclear, but Miley is back to social networking. Sort of.

Over the weekend, the singer Tweeted "This is my new way to connect. When I need to speak out I will tweet from @Rock_Mafia ROCK MAFIA FOREVER." Then, to prove she was actually behind the keyboard, Cyrus posted the following photo of herself and producer Antonina Armato:

Miley Cyrus Twit Picture

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Im not American but l know that Miley n Nick can never b in the same category Miley is way better!


@NickFan-SelenaAndMileyHater, you need help. Everyone knows Selena and Miley are way much more successful than the Jonas Brothers combined. For all we know he did them both a favour, Selena is dating a much more successful guy while they both tour the world and meet their fans.
Not to mention that they are good role models for girls and they do a lot of charity work too. Face it Nick is just a Washed- Out- Guy- Form- A-Failed-Boy-Band.... all the JoBros are, even Ashley Greene couldn't take the cute one.
But anyway dating is not a competition, Nick is actually trying to use Miley to get a good deal in his music, l mean like a boost:


Miley Cyrus is a pain in everyone asses..... Disney chicks are just ridiculous!!! Dear Lord Annoying little bitch Miley gets high and dumped
Selena gets to baby sit
And Nick Jons gets a real woman!!!! WANNA TELL ME WHO WINS THIS ROUND?????


It's nice to know that even if only for when she's writing with @Rock Mafia she'll tweet once-in-a-while. It's always nice to hear from the Supergirl. And even though she thought it was a waste of time before,many of us who like her,really enjoyed having that little bit of contact. There were many times she brought a smile to this roguish-mug, I'll tell you that,LOL! So it's truly nice to see her back if even in this limited capacity.
Thanks,angel...Hope to see you here in Nashville in-concert sometime soon.
Later all. Signed; Hollywood---True Super-fan of the one true Supergirl...Miley Cyrus.


this is her post on twitter 12hr ago shes not rejoining twitter:Wanted to make it clear I'M NOT rejoining twitter. Im only using it when with RM writing! Fans are the best way to get inspired. love u xMC


awesome....great that shes back..


I think Cyrus is just a pain in the butt. 2 delete her twitter then make a new one. Makeup your mind you loser


Twitter is a tool- use it wisely and it will help you, not scorn you! Continue to stay true to yourself and thank you for loving your fans - the true ones have your back!


She has truly gone dark, with that woman in black as producer? Blah


Wow.. she looks like hell


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