Miley Cyrus Bashes Rebecca Black, Teases New Boyfriend

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Rebecca Black may have a number of supporters - Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga have both expressed a certain admiration for the YouTube sensation - but Miley Cyrus us NOT one of them.

Asked about the 13-year old, Miley told Australia's Daily Telegraph: "It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn't just be able to put a song on YouTube and go on tour."

Snaps, yo!

TGIF? Not to Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus claims she isn't a fan of how people use the Web in general, saying: "I do not Tweet, I do not social network, I try to stay out of it. I complain enough about people knowing too much about my private life, so to go out there and exploit myself would be silly and hypocritical."

Miley did just return to Twitter, however.

She's also heading Down Under for a tour this summer, and she's made it clear she won't be available to any potentual Australian suitors, telling the newspaper: "I'm definitely not coming to Australia single!"

Wow. Guess Miley wasn't kidding about doing a better job keeping her private life private.


My name is miley I'm so fly its a little bit scary! Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful! Do pretty girl rock! Please Miley! Give me a break!


rebeka can't sing, so just go on with ur life.don't let her bother u miley


I don't like Miley, and I definitely dont like Rebecca Black. I agree with Miley. Rebecca shouldnt be touring and becoming a millionaire. Fuck! She can't even sing for goodness sake. Look at Christina Grimmie, a youtube singer, she's probably one of my idols. She deserves the fame. She's uploaded heaps of videos. Why the hell is Rebecca living the life?! We don't hate her because she's famous. She's famous because we hate her. All-in-all, Miley is right. No matter how much I dislike both. Rebecca shouldn't be getting all this. No matter what her life dream is. She hasn't got talent. Not singing wise. I mean if she atleast wrote her own songs AND if they were good then I'd be cool with it. But she can't sing, she can't write songs, and the songs shes doing at the moment are shit anyways. What's the world coming to? Signing people without talent?


miley cyrus needs to grow up and focus on, her music career instead of complaining about rebecca black how can she judge rebecca when she was seen,on tape smoking so miley better get her act together and leave that girl rebecca alone .


Miley has a bad case of jealousy. I really did not think that she would react this way and try to deny anybody success. I was shocked at her reaction as I always thought she was a kind person and would encourage young singers trying to make it. Miley has enough money and fame and there is more than enough to go around for everybody. Miley must also remember that she is not the only good singer around and without her father's help, she would not be where she is.


Miley what private life everyone saw you smoking, You have had 2 live in boyfriends and not 19 yet, your dad said the family was f'd up. Please, leave that child alone you can not make all the money.


miley has no room to talk she is a pot head who goes around wearing dresses with no underwear showing her twat every were around town she is a major slut!this girl will be a better role model then she is !


Now I know what Tash was singing at school ...
I HATE REBECCA BLACK'S VOICE!!!! It's so nasally.


Well even though I like don't like Miley as a person, I like some of her music. She's better than Rebecca any day. Just sayin


Lol thats` so funny! but it was such a cheap shot! dosent` miley Have better things to do? make a better cd then Rebeckka who? It doesent` matter she was found on youtube though .. Like everyone starts from somewhere Miley did! I think Mileys` right though I wouldnt be posting Videos` up on youtube its really redic inless Your doing something really good ! like rebeckka did lol. No comment as far as rebeckka I dont know her so why would I want to talk about her?

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