Mike Huckabee on Natalie Portman Slam: Read My Book!

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Yes, Mike Huckabee said he was "troubled" by Natalie Portman's pregnancy this week.

And, yes, he accused the Oscar winner of boasting about her unmarried, expecting state; and, yes, he said the actress is setting a "distorted image" for girls across the country.

But the likely 2012 Presidential nominee has an explanation for these seemingly random, misguided allegations: it's the fault of the damn mainstream media!

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How dare Natalie Portman glamorize pregnancy by... being pregnant!

"These people should read my book and they would know what I said instead of what some left-wing partisans are attempting to put forth," the politician said in a statement.  "I do appreciate the attention to the book as it is sparking interest in it dramatically."

Hey, any way we can help, you hypocritical, pandering, judgmental jackass.

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Your first comment was garbage. Don't try to validate your garbage by pasting an obvious truth at the end of it. Minorities are not "unfortunately" vocal, & this article is not spiteful.
He should've named BOTH unwed mothers to get even MORE publicity, don't you agree? but the HYPOCRITE will never do that.


@sinblahblahblah, Awesome name you got there, obvious a subconscious thing in naming yourself such a name, as blah blah blah is all you seem to say.
Did you not read my full post? Or did you, like the minority like to do, not look at the full details because you already have your mind made up?
Are you still reading? Good. Now let me school you.
I said he said what he said about Portman (Not confused yet, are you?) because he wanted to sell books.
Telling Bristol Palin the same thing he told Portman, would not get as much interest from the media.
Thanks for reading.
No, really.


notorious- looks like the egg is all over YOUR face, dummy Rather than correct every statement you fouled up, I'll just explain this one: If Mike Huckabee is gonna call out Natalie Portman, he needs to call out Bristol Palin first. That is what makes him a hypocrite... & a jackass. Now go educate yourself; or is education also a sin to you?


"Hey, any way we can help, you hypocritical, pandering, judgmental jackass." Wow. Pretty spiteful there, HG. Can't help but feel that you are being one sided. It is the opinion of many of millions of American's that sex-children out of wedlock is a sin, and therefore view it as such. For him to state this out loud though, has earned him spite from The Minority, and unfortunately, it's the minority that appears to have the loudest voice these days. I'm just waiting for people to start calling him racist because Portman just happens to be Jewish, then we would have completed the full circle of moronic and distorted reporting. One can't help but feel though that Huckabee, with help from the media's gross exaggeration of his words, has achieved his aim: To sell more books.
So who's face is the egg really on now?


Why is this a big deal! A lot of people, including myself, agree with Huckabee that sex
& pregnancy out of wedlock is wrong... And that it's sad that it's so normal nowadays. Why can't we all agree to disagree and be respectful about it instead of calling each other names.


I don't for a minute believe that Mike Huckabee had entered the mind of Ms.Portman one single time. Ms. Portman has been in the entertainment industry for a long time (considering her age)and she is very much financially comfortable and self sufficient. She is in a position where she does Not have to ask Mike Huckabee for a dime, a dollar, or a donut. If Mike Huckabee is going to be a politician, be a politician and Not an "intruding,wanna be advice giving, second nature" father in Natalie Portman's life. As a married man, he has absolutely No business getting "emotionally" involved in another woman's private life. Ms. Portman is enjoying the highlight of her career while being pregnant, and it is Not a crime for her to be able to enjoy both her expectant child and her brand new golden Oscar!!


I feel it is unfair that he called Natalie to the carpet when this has been happening long before she was ever a twinkle in her parent's eye!!
And it's not just a "south" thing that unwed girls/woman chose to have a child out of wedlock. So all of you who think this is a "hick" thing is out of your freaking mind as much as Huckabee is!!
There are far better examples than Natalie, like Kate Hutson, Angie/Brad's soccer bunch, and much much more!!


Wow. Prejudiced much? If this guy was a democrat from the north, I bet these comments would be a lot different. People stereotyping southerners is almost worse than racism these days. a geographical location does not determine the intelligence or character of a person. How would you feel (given you are from the north) if someone accused you of being a selfish, unfriendly, snobbish liberal just because of the place you're from? Huckabee is merely expressing his opinion. Some people's religions say that premarital sex is wrong, and if you want to truly call yourself open minded and tolerant, you will repect everyone's views, even the "dumbass hillbilly trash" as you have so called them.
Sincerely, the woman who lives in the city with the highest number of PhD's per capita in the nation. Look it up. It's in Alabama.


Huckabee is just trying to sell books! hello!!!! He'll say ANYTHING that will get a rise out of people....plus he's an idiot who constantly tries to portray Obama as a Muslim & sammy I would still love Natalie if she did terminate!


i don't know what his problem look jolie is doing it with brad their not married and anoother celebs is doing it so what if she not marry yet so fucking what

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