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@Sharon: what kind of life do you think these children, born into third world poverty, would have if not for these adoptions? You do realize Angelina isn't just stealing babies, right? the parents are giving them up for adoption.
i know it will be difficult to ask for a reasonable answer from someone who labels this practice "as immoral as it gets," but please try.


@Sharon: How is Portman different than Sheen? It's a good question...
He gets suitcases of cocaine delivered, held a knife to the throat of his wife, leaves his kids in the hands of porn stars he met a month earlier, gives interviews to every media outlet on the planet and thinks he's a "warlock" who is "winning" at life, despite losing custody of said children and essentially getting fired...
... while she is an actress who is only ever in the news due to her job and is pregnant by the man she is going to marry.

Guess it's up to the public to form our own opinions and somehow, someway find a difference between these two. Gonna be difficult...


Also -- on the Madonnas and Angelina Jolies and Sandra Bullocks and their adoption habits -- I think this is equally as bad, if not worse. At the end of the day, it's baby buying and it's as immoral as it gets.

It's wealthy white women preying on poor women of color. It's the wealthy classes using the poorer classes as breeders.

The adoption industry overall, AAMOF, has turned into a very twisted and immoral industry.


@Dee: How exactly has Hollywood done this? Natalie Portman did what to glamorize unwed pregnancy? She was so good at her job that she appeared in front of millions at the Oscars?


@Leo: The "Murphy Brown" thing with Quayle popped into my mind when I read this too! So stupid of Huckabee to even make these comments. Why not call out the unwed Hollywood women who adopt babies? No problem there huh Mike,since they did not have sex to get those babies? Don't get me wrong, I don't think an adult woman must be married to be a good mom I just think this guy and those like him have a problem with sex not with unwed parents otherwise they would also trash single parents who adopt. BTW Huckabee: It takes 2 to make a baby,why are you not talking about the mans part in all of it? Men can use birth control too you know!


I like Natalie Portman, but I am sick of HOLLYWOOD glamorizing being pregnant and not being married.


C'mon Republicans, you can't have it both ways. You can't be against abortion and then shame an unwed mother. You should congratulate Natalie Portman for keeping her baby. Yes perhaps the majority of unwed mothers rely on public assistance because they are poor but maybe their should be more of a push to have the "baby daddies" pay up and take responsiblity of their kids. We should also stop relying on teaching abstinence as the only way to prevent teen pregnancies. This kids need to be armed with all of the information. Abstinence is the only 100 percent sure way not to get pregnant but obviously with a baby born practically every 10 minutes to a teen mom in the state of Texas these teens aren't listening to the abstinence message. Have programs where teen moms go to schools to share their story of how difficult it is to raise a child as a child. Help teen moms finish school so that they don't end up on public assistance. Break the cycle of poverty.


@Leo -



@Pit Bull Lover: I agree 100%.

These people say anything to get ahead, and its pathetic. I wonder what Mama bear Palin has to say about this?


who does this guy think he is? the moral compass of America? it's none os his BIZ what ANY woman chooses to do with their bodies, kids, lives, loves. and he's gonna run for president?? god help us all....... i loathe him.
what's "Troubling" is he thinks it's his right to pass judgment on ANYONE. For ANYTHING.

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