Michelle McGee Shows Off Face Tattoo, New Boyfriend Luke Urek

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Home wrecking legend Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is living the dream. She's got a hot tattoo on her forehead and a new boyfriend in Luke Urek.

He's from Australia.

Fortunately for the tattooed exotic dancer and former Jesse James mistress, there's no home for her to wreck with Urek, a fellow ink-o-phile.

McGee Pic Urek

McGee said she was told by a psychic she'd meet her future husband Down Under. Wonder if the psychic also said she would end Sandra Bullock's marriage.

Then she laid eyes on her male doppelganger, freestyle motocross rider Urek, while performing at Sexpo last year. Guess you can call it love at first sight.

"We actually met through a mutual friend," Michelle McGee said. "I came down to visit Luke and arrived here last week, but have to leave on Sunday."

Hang over her, Luke. She's one of a kind.




Don't know what the tat is. You'd think the article would mention that or maybe show a pic where you can actually tell.


maybe its just my phone but it just looks like she has a huge grey smudge on her forehead..what is it supposed to be?


Yea like that new tat was better than the rest. If it wasn't on her ugly ass face you would never know she had a new one. Oh and love the chest one too that so HOT!!!
Wouldn't want to actually see it but would be curious in 20 years to see this old whore and her wrinkly tatts.


Eewww... What is all that ink,especially the stuff on her face, gonna look like when she is 65and wrinkled? Yuck!

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