Meredith Baxter Says David Birney Abused Her

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Having come out as a lesbian in December 2009 on Today, Meredith Baxter returned to the NBC program to make another announcement Tuesday:

She was a victim of domestic violence.

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Baxter, best known as the mom on Family Ties, alleged her ex-husband and Bridget Loves Birney co-star, David Birney, abused her in their marriage.

When asked why she stayed with Birney, who denies the allegations, Baxter replied, "I didn't know I had a choice. I didn't know I could go."

She adds that Birney purposefully set his sights on her.

"He's not going to pick someone who's on top of themselves and who's confident and aggressive," she said. "For him to be who he needed to be, it needed to be someone who was mousy and quiet and retiring, and that's what I was."

The 63-year-old Baxter said she was able to keep this and other personal problems a secret from the stars she worked with over the years.

"You learn to compartmentalize. As soon as I got to the studio, my home life was not happening," she recalled. "I never talked about it."

"No one knew anything."

Baxter, who has three kids with Birney, said she eventually "had to change my thinking" because "I didn't want to be a victim" anymore.


Lesbian or not, she is gorgeous.


I think Susan does make a very good point. My sister-in-law who was married for 12 years (3 kids) was in an abusive relationship, mental only. She didn't have a close relationship with her father growing up either. It's been 5 years now that she has preferred the company of women which came as a complete shock to our family as we never saw any signs so perhaps there is some element of truth in finding comfort with the opposite sex when you've been abused. I'm not judging Meredith at all. No one knows what she went through and ultimately, it's here own choice who she decides to spend her life with. In my OPINION only, I did think her "Straight" comment at the TV Land Awards was completely classless and out of line. Again, this is just my opinion.


she's looking for publicity! she needs an acting job!


@susan, I am assuming you are straight. Did you choose to be that way or did you mull over whether you wanted to be with women or men intimately?? Plus, if you are straight, and attracted to men why would you "choose" to be with a woman? Okay maybe some people find it exciting to try new things but if she's attracted to women then let her be, it's not my cup of tea but it doesn't affect me one bit.


@syliva, Are you serious? Unless you personally know her how could you possibly have any clue as to how she has lived her life and done the things she's done? Have some compassion.


Sylvia instead of concerning yourself with where you think she's going to go when she leaves this earth, perhaps you should worry more about where you're going to go if you continue judging others because they do not adhere to your standards of how a person ought to live. Chew on that, judgment girl.




I think she was probably gay all along, she is just using being abuse as a excuse that she is gay,and I always Loved watching her act.People don/t know what goes on behind closed doors but this is the first time I found out that she came out, EVERY BODY HAS A RIGHT TO THEIR VIEW BUT THAT RUINED YOU IN MY EYES,WHY DID YOU WAIT AND COME OUT IN YOUR OLDER YEARS?YOU BETTER THINK ABOUT WERE YOU ARE GOING WHEN YOU LEAVE THIS WORLD>


Once again another abuse victim who turns out to be gay. That is why I believe being gay is a choice. Practically every gay person I read about or have know has had abuse at the hand of a male figure in their life.

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