Matt Damon: Disappointed in Barack Obama

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With one word, Barack Obama lost the enthusiastic support of one of his most famous supporters last night.

Asked by Piers Morgan if he's happy with the way Obama has been running the country,"Matt Damon simply replied: "No." He then elaborated:

"I really think he misinterpreted his mandate. I no longer hope for audacity."

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The Adjustment Bureau star cited education as one area in which he believes the President has failed.

"The idea that we're testing kids and we're tying teachers salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order. We're training them, not teaching them."

In 2008, Damon often appeared at fundraisers for the Democratic candidate and hit the campaign trail on Obama's behalf. Watch him criticize the Commander-in-Chief in the following video:


"He's trying to clean up the mess that Bush left America with." Incorrect. Obama is making his own mess worse. This agenda started with the Democrats taking power in 2007 and grew in power in 2009. Compare where we were then to where we are now.


What do people mean Obama is not doing anything or that he lying? He's trying to clean up the mess that Bush left America with. So don't bash the person who's cleaning.


It is so easy to be Monday Morning quarterback. We can all say what we will or won't do. Matt Damon needs to stick to movies, becuse I doubt if he could walk in the President's shoes.


Obama is nothing more than a puppet for big money.Futhermore he is not careing for the american people. Mr. Obama could give the american people health coverage for what he gives to the jewish state.He is also hopeing to be the head of the newworld order thats what the big money tells all new american leaders.All of our leaders in Washington D.C.are hell bent on letting big money rule this country.the plan is to let the country go to hell and
hope that the poor people will actout so that the police can start takeing them out! perry


What few people dont understand is all this is stratigicaly planed ofcourse obama lied he is merely a puppet to the authority of the people incharge of the new world order which has to do with worship of the devil. This we hav to c and watch out 4.


@Gary M Kelly
Obama's race has nothing to do with the way he is handling our country. Stop using the race card every time Obama's name and/or how/when he is critiqued. It's so old & is NOT true. If that was the case, why/how did he win?
Enough is enough of the race card BS !!!


Odumba has done nothing for our country except lie so it's great someone calling him out on it.I didn't vote for him like millions of dumb nuts.


Maybe Obama should have not made SO many promised that contradict each other and please for the love of GOD stop apologizing to everyone for what we may or may not have a hand in. I am really tired of hearing it and frankly is getting old.
So stay in the states and work on OUR problems that you promised would happen.


as Obama often says about Education matters, we have to RAISE expectations (of all our leaders, too!)!!


Cool, we need some people to speak out on current events who will not be censored. I'm glad he cares and is thinking clearly, since he does live here, pays massive taxes, and has several school-age children... Obama and his Fed. Administration have been far too weak on addressing the largest economic and environmental disaster in Western history still ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf States. Private corporate interests should not reign supreme in a democracy at the expense of millions of citizens and the law.

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