Lindsay Lohan Quits Smoking! No, Seriously!

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Stop the presses. Lindsay Lohan has supposedly kicked smoking.

Not only is this a great move for, you know, long-term survival, but it's also smart given her looming jail sentence for grand theft/probation violation(s).

Lynwood Correctional Facility, a place with which she's sadly familiar, is a non-smoking detention center. Yep, no cigs in the can. It's a changing world.

What a Quitter

Sources say Lindsay Lohan is on a health kick. No, we're serious.

Lohan is adamant that she's not going to jail despite the felony grand theft charge complicated by a checkered past and a disaster of a probation report.

Jail or no jail, girl is "continuing on the path to a healthier life" by kicking the nicotine habit. Cold turkey, in fact. She also works out with a trainer daily.

Sources say she quit a week ago and hasn't relapsed. Hey, with LiLo, it's not a small feat. Click to enlarge some "smokin'" Lindsay Lohan pictures below:

Lohan Smoking
Smoking, Hot Lohan
Lohan Smokin'
Smokin' Hot Bitch!
Inhaling Carcinogens
Smoking and Texting

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fame Pictures]


Let her be. She needs support and encouragement. She is a beautiful, talented woman who will overcome. People as iconic as she is are usually scandal-ridden. She will be alright. Team Lindsay all the way!


well the best u haters can do is stop putting her down...just want her to go back on track


Come on now. She looks ill - puffy faced and ghostly white. If that girl is working with a personal trainer, then I am Sarah Palin. Also, methinks Mama Dina cooked up this story to make it look like Lindsay is getting her life together, even though her actions belie that claim.


Now if only she'd quit inflating her lips.


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