Lindsay Lohan Plea Bargain Not Dead ... Yet

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Lindsay Lohan's lawyer and the prosecutor in her grand theft case met with the judge in chambers yesterday and left without a plea bargain.


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    she def had plastic srugery, and she looks terrible, she does not at all look like the same person. lips, nose, cheek bones, those are a few things I noticed, and people don't change THAT much, you still always look like you even if you're 60, she does not look like her old self. yuck.


    I think jailtime will help her. She obviously has problems cos she certainly could buy the necklace had she wanted it. And its hard to believe she's not guilty after all the trouble she has been in the past
    Yet I predict she will not get much of a punishment and soon she will be in the news for something more serious


    I believe it was an honest mistake. She didn't mean walk out wearing the necklace. Her past offenses were for alcohol and she has went to rehab by herself. Look at robert downey jr. And charlie sheen emilio estavez and britney spears! If they can get second and even 200 chances to change as well as a lot of us regular people who aren't constantly stalked by paparazzi, why can't Lindsay Lohan?


    The store video. Shows her wearing the necklace for about 25 minutes. Then the clerk walks her to the door and holds it open for her. I don't think she stole it. I think the clerk loaned it to her and wasn't supposed to and the store is lying.


    i beleive that because she is a movie star and rich that she will never do any time in jail. if that was a regular person they would be doing 2-5 for grand talks.


    The law is the law it shouldnt matter who you are or how much you have. A thief is a thief period. lock her behind up!


    Less than even one real chance, myself.


    Really??? one more chance to change??? How many chances do you think you would get if you had the same run-ins with the law?


    I dont believe she stole the necklace! And if charlie sheen can get away with all his past charges without jail time- lindsay should too. Give her one more chance to change.

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